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CM Partners Mod Basic 2.0 provides a companion system on which you can include up to 70 Partner NPC\'s which are provided or add any number of custom NPC\'s that you or others have created.

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Partners Mod Description:

1. The CM Partners Mod is a companion system that provides everything required to recruit and organize a party of adventurers. If all the NPC files are installed there will be 70 Partner NPCs located in the taverns, inns, hotels, and boarding houses throughout Tamriel looking for others to join up with to seek the wealth and knowledge this land has to offer. In addition there are 8 beasts and minions that can become your pets, familiars, or minions. Both NPCs and creatures have Quick Menus of the most common commands. To access the Quick Menu, go into sneak mode, place your cursor on the one you want to interact with, and hit the space bar. NPCs also have an extensive dialogue command system including commands that the entire party will obey. Commands include the following:

a. Common – Follow, Stats, Share, Repair, Heal, Guard, Stay, Standby, Breakup.
b. Mark and Return, Summon, and Recall
c. Loot – loots the immediate area of all weapons, armor, etc.
d. Harvest – collects all alchemical ingredients in the area.
e. Combat Styles – changes combat styles for each NPC.
f. Sparring – starts a sparring session with the NPCs in your party in which you actually train for skill increases. Lasts 2 minutes and ends automatically.
g. Evil – temporarily sets all NPCs in your party to evil so they will attack guards or good citizens when you do. Reset to good at the end of combat.
h. General – Eat, Sleep, Pick locks, Practice with weapons, Practice magic, Alchemy, don Hoods, don Kvatch cuirass and shield, use Torches, etc.

2. Partner NPCs will follow the Player everywhere and do everything the player does.
3. A Partners Ring and a Warp Ring are also included to keep your party together or get them safely out of harm’s way.
4. Have your partner or party Stay, and they will revert to their AI packages and go through their normal schedule of daily activities.
5. The Player can steal, assault, and kill without his partners giving the alarm or attacking.
6. A marksman will fletch his/her own arrows when ordered to Repair.
7. Partner NPCs will level as the Player does with skill and attribute increases. Health is set separately on a par with the Players rather than the low amount set by the game engine.
8. Partner NPCs can be essential so they do not die, or you can choose non-essential so they do die.
9. Two versions included: Oblivion only; Oblivion and SI. The Oblivion and SI version automatically detects whether OBSE is installed and uses the appropriate scripting.
10. You can create your own custom NPCs, beasts, and minions using the included step-by-step illustrated instructions and add them to the game. And you can now download more than 100 custom made Partner NPCs that other players have created that you can use in addition to or instead of the 70 provided.

Partners 2.0 Features:

1. Added 10 more essential NPCs to Imperial City, Bravil, and Anvil. These are in a separate file CM Partners Extra NPC.esp.

2. Added Player faction to all NPCs so that Personality Mod and other similar animation mods will work with CM Partners.

3. Created an OMOD version. Works for Oblivion and SI, but have not tested it for Oblivion Only.

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