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Version 1.2

- Fixed the hanging sword in the Dining Hall ..it is now a proper static object and won''t fall or move.
- Using the Sanctum Diamond and Sanctum Mark/Recall should now allow travel to and from Shivering Isles without the "I have no greeting" issues.
- Moved the Ingredient Deposit switch to the Alchemy Station.
- Fixed the animal pelt sorter, it will now deposit your bear pelts instead of turning them into lion pelts.
- A sword 'Devourer' in the Longsword chest will gain +1 to attack damage after every 50 kills.
- Changed the cost/requirements of the higher level Sanctum spells. ( they now require restoration mastery )
- A few small display cases added to the Main Hall.

Features include:

- Automatic ingredient sorting ( into individual containers ).
- Automatic ingredient retrieval ( by ingredient effect ).
- Working Fire, Ice, Lightning, Heal, Cure and "All" Materia. Magic Materia will level up ( Mastered at level four ) with use, "All" Materia adds a copy of the spells with an AOE.
- Player owned Black Horse, Rideable Bear and Unicorn ( In a player owned stable ) with a call home button and a summon mount spell tome.
- 9 custom companions, each with individual summon spell tomes. Two of the companions are already in the home, one is in the Market District, one is in Cloud Ruler Temple, the other five...
- A live in Mage, Armorer and Bartender all offering various services and items for sale. ( oh, there's a bar... ).
- Spell making & Enchanting stations ( naturally ).
- Dining & Sleeping areas, for those ( like myself ) that feel sorry for companions with no place to sleep.
- Extensive gardens for the hardcore alchemist.
- Teleporters to and from the vanilla player owned houses ( you must buy and furnish the homes before they are operational ) and an already active one-way teleport to IC Market District.
- Roaming house pets.
- A mirror in the master bedroom that allows you to change your appearance. ( Caution: using the mirror will reset your stats )
- Various activators about the place ( you'll have to find them yourself... ).
- Storage, storage and more storage ( all chests and crates have unique ids and will not respawn - with the exception of the barrels and sacks in the kitchen ).
- Wine making ( including the ever elusive Shadowbanish ..although some of the ingredients are rare ).
- All cells have extensive path-grids and are very companion friendly.

Requires: ( and major kudos to )

Shivering Isles expansion
CM Partners.esm
BMC Hair Pack.esm
Badmagic Statue Race Hair & Eyes.esm
Nec - Extra Mystic Elf Face.esm


Any mod that alters these cells -

This mod began as a personal home for all my storage and display needs ...it escalated to the point where I felt it had become epic enough to share.