demonic race and companion by alex de large
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Name: Demon meatsuit race and companion.
Author: Maxim K. (aka alex de large, noirobscur, black dahlia :/ etc., etc.)
Version: 1.0

I just realized I forgot to add a picture of how my CM companion looks! Now fixed.
And you can have now a variety of CM companions meatsuits, thanks to my baby Dustin who shared his awesome Alistair


this lovely mod allows you to play as an extra blonde horned abominated piece of meat covered in hate.
also, this lovely mod allows you to make companionship with an extra blonde horned abominated piece of meat covered in hate.

The demon himself is a malevolent spiritual entity, hidden inside the anemic boy's body. the demon is destroying him from the inside, defiling his noble exterior, hence the sickness of his appearance. yet no one could look healthy and happy while bearing a demon under his skin, right? Right??
I never had wings, y'know.

The race is male only.
It comes in two variations;
Demon 666 uses the Head06 JC1
Demon 999 uses the Head06 TKRT3.

13 exclusive eyes by Dustin Flan,
13 hairs by various authors.


Strength - 30
Endurance - 30
Speed - 30
Agility - 30
Personality - 10
Intelligence - 60
Willpower - 90
Luck - 30

Skill bonus:
Alteration +10
Destruction +10
Illusion +33
Sneak +10

Spells and abilities:

Demon Despair: prolonged electrocution. use at your own risk, but you definitely SHOULD try it on companions. It's so much fun.
Demon Tantrum: massive strength burst. use once a day, since tantrums are damage to health.
Demon Immune: immune to paralysis, lover's kisses and what not.

a two hand sword fitting for the demon is added into this mod. Shady Sam will gladly sell it to ya for 100 gold or higher. Just so you know, Shady Sam is located outside the Imperial City, somewhere behind the local stables.

- Use 7zip to extract the files.
- Move the meshes and textures folders to ur Oblivion/Data folder.
- If you want the race, grab the "DemonRaceMeatsuit.esp" and place to ur Oblivion/Data folder.
- If you want the companion, grab the "DemonMeatsuit.esp" and place to ur Oblivion/Data folder.
- Activate the chosen .esp via launcher of your choice.
- Enjoy. Or not. Idk.

Oh I forgot to mention, you can install the both .esps if you want, they do not conflict with each other.


- Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416

- Roberts male body v.5

The race looks best with the scrawny/boy/boy athletic body types.
Or, if you're still using Robert's Male Body v5 beta, I recommend switching to the slender body type.

- Custom Race fixes:
Unofficial Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416
Custom Race Fix + Boethia Shrine Custom Race Fix

- CM Partners basic mod .esm and esp. - only if your gonna use the companion.

If you like my works, check out my friend Dustin's mods here

Also, I'm so happy that I managed to share something finally XD
I hope you like my mod Dustin! Your base is the best on earth.