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Adds an OCO based High Elf companion to Luther Broad's boarding house in the Elven Gardens district.

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Melvyn is a witchhunter and a former Dark Brotherhood assassin, then he realized that fame is what he seeks. He has a voiced dialogue line when you ask him to tell you about himself, and he can also tell generic rumors. He can be found hanging around at Luther Broad's, this time with added packages unlike the old (and hidden) version of this mod, so now he won't just stand still. When you invite him to join your party, you'll get a dialogue option to make him equip or unequip his hood.
Melvyn is loosely based on one of my older player characters. This time I wanted to give this mod a makeover and adapt it to Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2. He also has unique features if you have Blockhead installed.
By default Melvyn will use an Elven bow and arrows in battle, but he also has a modest selection of mostly Journeyman spells.

Oblivion Character Overhaul
Elven Armours (Doesn't need to be active, but you'll need the resources, otherwise his equipment will be invisible)

Kafeid for the eyepatch from their Dwemer Spectacles mod.