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This mod will make all flora from various mods behave more realistically by making them disappear after being harvested (whether you are successful or not) and reappear after regrow.

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One of the most terrible things in vanilla Oblivion is that appearance of plants doesn't change after them being harvested. Gladly, famous Harvest Flora mod fixes that problem fantastically. Unfortunately, it only fixes that problem for vanilla Oblivion and DLC's, but there are also a lot of other mods, that also add some plants in the game and they also suffer from this problem. And there was no Harvest Flora analogues for them all these years. Well, not anymore! This mod adds functionality similar to Harvest Flora's one to as many flora-adding mods as possible. 

This mod makes plants from other mods disappear after being harvested and reappear after regrow. It's not as good as harvest flora, but better than nothing I suppose. It consists of core filter patch , so you won't lose your precious esp slots and separate esp for MOO, as it must be loaded after bashed patch.
Currently the following mods are supported:
If you're aware of any other mods adding new plants, please let me know, I'll most probably support them.

  • Wrye Bash: drag and drop mod archive to installers section, install core module and MOO module if you wish (default version or version with 100% harvest chance for all plants). DO NOT ACTIVATE BasicHarvestFilterPatch!!! IMPORT IT IN YOUR BASHED PATCH INSTEAD.
Few IMPORTANT words about BasicHarvestForMOO: it can't be merged to Bashed Patch, as it must be loaded after MOO, which in turn must be loaded after Bashed Patch, so it'll consume 1 esp slot and plants added by MOO are very rare and probably encountered only outside Cyrodil borders, so install it only if you absolutely sure you need it. I personally decided not to use it in my mods compilation.

Simillar recommended mods and tweaks
  • Harvest Flora - doesn't need an introduction
  • Harvest Flora and 100 percent - very underrated mod, it's a modified version of harvest flora, it sets the probability of successful harvesting for all Oblivion's and DLC's flora to 100%.
  • Wrye bash bashed patch tweaks: while rebuilding bashed patch, you can go in tweaks assorted -> harvest chance, check it, right click it and set it to 100. This will make harvest chance for all plants 100%. This method is superior to installing the above mod and using older versions of Basic Harvest, as it's much easier and doesn't require modifying/creating any esps.
  • Regrowing Nirnroot - self explanatory

Should be compatible with almost everything. Particularly compatible with the following mods:
Bugs/ Incompatibilities.
  • MOO - when you harvest plants with hand scythe, they will not change appearance, although those affected by harvest flora will. UPD Maskar promised to fix it in next MOO release