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What it is new ?
1. Cleaned with TesIV
2. Know bugs corrected ( 3.3 Cell)

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1. Cleaned with TeseditIV
2. 3.3 cell bug corrected !
3. Nothing else altered and existing patches are compatibles !


Now, I had published the full mod !

No more neccessery to download the Original !

But, don't forget to  endorse  the Original  !

Thank to Bevilex for the image !

** Previoustly, my attention was to adapt  MTC to Better Inns, but my mind had changed because I didn't want to broke the existing afk werye-Mtc patch. I preferred to remove better inns conflicting cells !

Permission :

That sounds fine to me
- it could definitely stand to be tidied up! 
- Thanks for checking about it, and sorry for the slow response,

*** On 28  janvier 2018,   I got the permission from Nernie in Private message  to release an updated version of his mod

Original Mod : https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/27125 

*** The original author remains the only owner of his product, if Nernie or Nexus want this file take  down, it will be take down without question !

From the original author and original mod author page:

Expanded Villages by Nernie
September-07-09, Ver. 1

This mod takes several of the Oblivion villages, and expands them (to a greater or lesser extent) to include new houses, npcs, animals, and cropland. Some of the vanilla interiors have been updated as well. The villages now have, in many cases, small industries that distinguish them as individual, and a better sense of self-suffinciency (with blacksmiths, bakers, weavers, etc). There are numerous new items, and two new quests (one short, and one rather lengthy).

The villages altered are Weye, Brindle Home (including Gottlesfont Priory), Pell's Gate (including Faregyl Inn), Aleswell, and Blankenmarch. Additionally, a new village, Rimehold, has been added in the far north (replacing the little un-named camp east of Dragonclaw Rock).

Brindle Home now sells its own rather pricey breed of horse, the dapple grey. Their stats are somewhere between the Cheydinhal blacks, and Shadowmere. The horse you can purchase is named, and essential (cannot be killed).

You can also purchase a small house in Pell's Gate, and decorate it by buying reciepts at Wayside Supplies, the new store beside Faregyl Inn

Possible Incompatibilities: Naturally, any mod that inhabits the space around these villages has a chance of being incompatible with this one.

Resources used, with my thanks:
-I have borrowed resources from the excellent Salmo the Baker Mod, by Tarnsman, for the village bakeries.
-I have also used the amazing Farm Animals of Cyrodiil, by Mr_Silka and CorepC, for the pigs, chickens, and donkeys.