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Attempting to harvest an ingredient will automatically harvest all plants of the same type in a small radius at once. Saves you repeatedly pressing on each plant in a patch.

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Area Harvest
Oblivion Script Extender


Another quick one.

This mod makes it so that harvesting an ingredient harvests all flora of the same type in a short range (harvest chances are accounted for). Essentially, this makes harvesting patches of the same plant less of a chore, especially if you use a mod which reduces the harvest chance.

The message that displays when you harvest an ingredient will also now state the number of ingredients harvested, e.g. “You successfully harvest 5 Fly Amanita Cap(s).”

How it Works



I've also included an extra optional file that reduces all harvest chances to 40% of their original for all vanilla flora (excluding quest-related flora and flora with 100% harvest chance). This requires the Wizard's Tower DLC.

The template files used to edit the harvest chances have been provided as a modders' resource in the miscellaneous files section. These sort records for all the vanilla flora into separate .esp files depending on their harvest chances. I recommend using the xEdit Quick Change script from Mator's Automation Tools to change the harvest chance fields for a set of flora all at once, then copying the edited records together into a single new file. Also, be aware that the field for the Summer harvest chance has a space at the end of it, so it is referenced as "PFPC\Summer ". Keep in mind too that Autumn is misspelled as "Fall".


This mod requires the Oblivion Script Extender.

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice.


Just uncheck the mod. Uninstalling this mod will have no permanent effects on your save game.


This mod's changes are applied through a single script. It should be compatible with everything.

This is compatible with Skill Based Alchemy Chance; however, I will mention (for any mod authors out there) that a much simpler implementation of that concept is possible. By setting the harvest chance within the OnActivate event block, using a dummy actor to harvest the ingredients in the same frame, then resetting the chance again, it's possible to circumvent the need for a quest script or any other extraneous scripting. I'd do it myself but 1. the concept doesn't interest me, and 2. I've spent long enough modding Oblivion recently.

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