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About this mod

This mod will add new mechanics to the game, and is primarily focused on melee combat. It includes dodging for the player and NPC's, backstabs, parrying, poise, and more!

Permissions and credits
- Requirements -


- Description -

This mod will add numerous new mechanics to Oblivion's combat, most of which are inspired by the Souls games. The mod is designed to be as lightweight, configurable, and compatible as possible, and also includes an ini where each setting can be modified or disabled.

The mod does not make any changes to combat-related game settings or modify any damage values, and is meant to be used alongside other combat overhauls that do modify those values (though it's not a real requirement)

The current version of the mod includes:

- Dodging for the player and NPC's (with i-frames and timed dodging)
- Backstab mechanic that works on all actors and all weapons/spells
- A simple hitstop feature to add more weight to attacks
- A Poise system that works on all actors
- A Weapon Clash feature
- Parry/Timed Block for the player (highly configurable)
- Rally feature similar to Bloodborne
- Extra effects on Powerattacks depending on the weapon type
- Attack Commitment for the player and modified Unidirectional Attack for the enemies
- Equipment Remover for killed NPC's for extra challenge
- And some more stuff!

The optional file includes:

- Stamina system similar to Dark Souls
- Momentum for the player (Speedup on wind-ups, slowdown after attacks end)

An in-game book will automatically be added once the mod is initialized for the first time. This book will describe the mod's features and how to take advantage of them.

- Compatibility -

Tested with both the Main and Optional files from this mod active and with all features on.

[Vanilla Combat Enhanced]

- Fully compatible but disable VCE's scripted changes in it's ini if you wish to use this mod's Poise feature

[Dynamic Oblivion Combat]

- Incompatible with Stamina
- NPC's can use dodges from both mods


Since Dynamic Oblivion Combat's update, Poise can be used if DOC's stagger/recoil feature is disabled. To do this, find this line in DOC's ini:
set dcvars.ini_StagRecEnable
and set it to 0 so it reads:
set dcvars.ini_StagRecEnable to 0

Thanks for letting me know about this, Wiepman!

[Deadly Reflex 5]

- Minor issue with Poise
- NPC's can use dodges from both mods


[Unnecessary Violence 3]

- Minor issue with Poise


[Mods that change the way Fatigue drains/regenerates]

-Probably incompatible with Stamina feature from the Optional File

[Mods that change how often actors stagger]

- Incompatible with Poise

- Load Order -

The mod functions purely through scripts, so the load order should not matter.

- Installation - 

Just drop the files in your Data folder, and remember to check the ini!

- Uninstalling - 

I wouldn't recommend uninstalling mid-game, but if you wish to do so, go into an empty cell with no NPC's around, save the game, then disable the mod. If that doesn't work, just disable all features in the ini and it'll be like the mod isn't even loaded.

- Recommended Combat Mods -

- A mod that slows down attack speed (MOBS/Character Based Attack Speed)
- Vanilla Combat Enhanced
- Bashing Reworked
- WalkBlessed (Amazing mod for Third-Person gameplay)
- OCSS (Oblivion Combat Skill System)
- Oblivion Subtle Sprint
- New Third Person (it has a lock-on feature allowing for easier backstabs)
- Interact Animations

- Known Bugs -

None at the moment.

If you do notice any, please let me know.

- Credits -

- The OBSE team
- mitzi for Unidirectional Attack and Stagger Recoil & Hitstop
- Souldemon for Better Recoil and Stagger
- Bethesda for the TES games, which are among my favorite games out there