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A modern combat overhaul largely inspired by Skyrim combat mods and other action games. Functions as a complete combat overhaul, but all features can also be used separately. Includes Gamepad support for Northern UI.

Permissions and credits
- Requirements -

- Description -

This mod will add numerous new mechanics to Oblivion's combat, most of which are inspired by the Souls
games or various Skyrim combat mods. Lightweight with minimal impact on performance. Works best if playing in third person.

The current version of the mod includes:

  •  Dodging for the player and enemies (with i-frames and timed dodging)
  •  Backstabs (attacks made against enemies that cannot see you deal bonus damage)
  •  Hitstop (time will slow down briefly when your hits connect)
  •  Poise (actors in combat will stagger once their poise value reaches zero)
  •  Enemy AI (enemies will react to the player's actions in combat and will use a couple of features from the mod)
  •  Bashing (can be used to deal poise damage, break through blocking enemies, and interrupt powerattacks)
  •  Attack Chains (allows you to cancel your current attack and immediately attack again, if timed correctly)
  •  Attack Cancel (allows you to block/dodge-cancel out of your attacks)
  •  Weapon Clash (with the option to enable advanced clash, which makes heavier weapons have higher priority over lighter ones)
  •  Parry/Timed Block for the player (will stagger your enemy by default and allow you to counterattack with increased damage)
  •  Lock-On (locks on to the target near your crosshair up to 1024 units away with the press of a key)
  •  Executions (allows enemies to fall into a kneeling state which lets you finish them off)
  •  Extra effects on Powerattacks depending on the weapon type (such as bleed damage over time)
  •  Attack Commitment for the player (locks your direction at the start/end of your attacks)
  •  Unidirectional Attack for the enemies (locks enemy direction at the start/end of their attacks)
  •  Equipment Remover for killed NPC's for extra challenge
  •  Attack Animations (adds more weight to weapon attacks and introduces wind-ups)
  •  Combat Rating (will grade you at the end of combat depending on a number of different factors)
  •  Marksman additions (Charged Shots, Power Shots, the Steady Hand perk from Skyrim, Arrow Cancelling, and more)

  •  And some more stuff!

Dark Souls Stamina includes:

  •  Stamina system similar to Dark Souls (Fatigue will regen a lot faster but actions such as attacking, blocking, dodging, etc. will drain more Fatigue. Fatigue regeneration is also disabled while performing these actions.)

Most of the mod's features are more complex than described above. I just don't want to put a wall of text next to them, so I'll put it inside the spoiler below instead:


An in-game book will automatically be added once the mod is initialized for the first time. This book will describe the mod's features and how to take advantage of them.

The default controls for various features can be found in the spoiler below, if you do not wish to read the manual. (but you should!)


- Compatibility -

This mod has been expanded a lot since it first released and will continue to grow in features, so I would recommend not using any other combat mods alongside this one if using the full mod with all of it's features enabled, though anything that simply increases damage done is compatible and recommended.

Individual features from the mod will most likely have no compatibility issues as long as there is no overlap with other mods.

Some of the mod's controls will overlap with vanilla Oblivion's controls, this is because I've changed my own controls years ago and actually kind of... forgot what the default controls are. Here are my own controls for reference:

Activate: E
Cast: Q
Jump: Space
Ready weapon: R
Run: \ (unused)
Always Run: Z
Auto Run: X
Change View: G/MMB

I'd recommend changing the default controls to free up keys for the mod's features, but the controls for Dodging/Bashing/etc. can also be changed in the ini file.

Other than that, the (full) mod is compatible with more popular mods such as OOO/MMM/WAC/FCOM, Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul, Cobl, Ultimate Leveling, Midas Spells/Supreme Magicka. (OOO/MOO are highly recommended to have in any load order)

About mods that change stagger frequency/speed/duration: these will conflict with Poise because Poise uses a timer to determine stagger duration, and if you have a mod that speeds up the stagger animations then staggered actors might freeze in place/play no animation until the Poise timer runs out.

The mod 'Better recoil and stagger' is technically incompatible. Won't cause your game to crash or anything but this mod already comes with short recoil animations, and an option for even shorter recoil animations which are taken from Better recoil and stagger, and the faster stagger part of Better recoil and stagger will cause animation issues because of Poise.

- Load Order -

The mod functions purely through scripts, so the load order should not matter. Dark Souls Stamina needs to be loaded below the main mod.

- Performance -

This mod shouldn't affect performance much, if at all. I don't like long scripts, so I keep everything short and efficient.

Basically everything in this mod is achieved with OBSE functions, invisible clothing, and silent spell effects. These will only last for a few seconds and will quickly get removed from the player/enemies when they are no longer needed. Combat between NPC's will also remain unchanged from vanilla, as everything in the mod will only function if the player is involved.

I've put hundreds of hours into making and testing this mod (not even kidding), and I've done my absolute best to make the mod as bug-free and stable as possible.

- Installation - 

Just drop the files in your Data folder or install with Wrye Bash, and either check the ini to customize the mod to your liking or simply read the in-game manual to get started if you wish to play with the default settings enabled.

The 'Main Files' folder includes the .esp file along with the necessary folders to get the mod to work, along with short Recoil animations, while the 'Optional' folder includes optional but recommended additions such as slower dodge animations, even shorter recoil, and edited attack animations that add short wind-ups while also increasing delay between attacks.

- Uninstalling - 

I wouldn't recommend uninstalling mid-game, but if you wish to do so, go into an empty cell with no NPC's around, save the game, then disable the mod. If that doesn't work, just disable all features in the ini and it'll be like the mod isn't even loaded.

- Recommended Mods -

- Something that increases all damage done (there are disabled damage settings in this mod's ini that can be used as well)
- Ultimate Leveling (this mod is all about not getting hit, and Ultimate Leveling will allow you to increase your Armor skills by leveling up)
- Combat Stance Reanimation (used in the mod's images/video)
- OCSS and it's English Translation
- WalkBlessed (Amazing mod for Third-Person gameplay)
- Oblivion Subtle Sprint
- Interact Animations
(decent mod but the mod's author is kind of an idiot)

- Credits and Thanks -

- The OBSE team
- llde for xOBSE
- DavidJCobb for NorthernUI
- mitzi for Unidirectional Attack and Stagger Recoil & Hitstop
- Souldemon for Better Recoil and Stagger
- Bethesda for the TES games, which are among my favorite games out there
- People in the Comments section for giving me ideas for new features and helping me improve the mod!
- My cat for being a cute kitty