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All Natural requires Wrye Bash v292 and OBSE 0019b or greater!

Also check out the Videos tab to see All Natural in action, and the Mirrors tab for links to translations!

The official forum thread can be found at http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/forum/25-mods/ by searching for "Weather Natural".

Please direct all bug reports and problems to the official forum thread for support.

For those wondering about the possibility of Immersive Interiors integration:

While I'm at it, I'll also address a point that's been brought up in the past: Immersive Interiors integration. I haven't spoken to SWG about this, and it's only been briefly mentioned between Arthmoor and myself, but the way I see it is this: I'd integrate II in a heartbeat, as it's fantastic work that should really be a part of anyone's game, but we need to take into account having as wide a compatibility with other mods as possible. Since II portrays the vanilla city layout, it might not be desirable to users of other layouts such as Better Cities or Open Cities Reborn. As such we'd need to keep it a separate part of the mod, much like RL is, and so it might as well remain totally separate, which provides greater freedom for SWG to work with. So Immersive Interiors will remain a separate mod for this reason for the foreseeable future. That doesn't mean we don't absolutely recommend it though. ;)

All Natural 1.36
By Chong Li, Arthmoor, Brumbek, WrinklyNinja & AndalayBay


All Natural combines a robust custom weather system that allows the use of weather types from all existing weather mods with custom versions of Natural Interiors and Real Lights in order to provide the greatest weather/environment experience possible. The three segments of All Natural will be explained below:

1. Custom Weather System

The cornerstone of All Natural is unique weather system that includes a new regional and seasonal weather script that also keeps the weather synced on interior/exterior switching and fast traveling. It also adds a variety of optional features customizable through an .ini file in order to help enhance the user's weather experience. Users can also choose to use only vanilla weathers or to use the weather types from Natural Weather, Atmospheric Weather System, and Enhanced Weather, picking and choosing any combination they wish.

2. Natural Interiors

Natural Interiors was originally created by Wormheart, and its purpose was to make it so interior locations such as houses and guilds had windows you could look out of and see the actual sky that matched the exterior weather. The mod also featured proper time of day progression and interior weather sounds (the sounds being originally featured in the "Weather Inside" mod). The result of all this was the ability to look out an interior window and see the sunset, clouds, stars, storms, etcetera, having the interior lighting level change based on it being sunny, cloudy, nighttime, etcetera, and hearing rain and storm sounds from within.

Sadly, Natural Interiors was never finished and had some issues. However, All Natural includes a totally finished and issues-free expanded version that cannot be found outside of All Natural. Note that the Natural Interiors segment of All Natural cannot be separated from All Natural, so you must use All Natural in full to benefit from the Natural Interiors segment.

3. Real Lights

Real Lights was an incredibly ambitious project by Josef K. which aimed to replace all the fake lighting (invisible lights with no actual light source) with real lights with real light sources. For example, Real Lights adds candles, lanterns, or other light sources that emit light instead of generic white light coming from mid-air.

Sadly, Real Lights was never finished and has some serious issues with save game bloating. However, All Natural includes a totally finished and issues-free expanded version that cannot be found outside of All Natural.

The Real Lights segment of All Natural is the only segment you can actually use independently, so even if you want to use, say, Enhanced Weather, you can use the Real Lights plugin from All Natural. Instructions on how to do this are included in the installation section of this guide.

Considering the problems with the original Real Lights and that the All Natural version of Real Lights is finished, totally safe, and modular, no one should use the older version by Josef K.

[Please refer to the full readme for detailed information about installing and customizing the mod.]


Chong Li was the original creator of the mod and coded the original weather system, Real Lights integration, and Natural Interiors integration, including creating custom meshes. Without him, there would be no mod.

WrinklyNinja is the current developer of the weather system and more.

Arthmoor is the current developer of the Real Lights plugin and more.

Brumbek is the current developer of the Natural Interiors meshes and textures.

AndalayBay is the current developer for All Natural.

Special Thanks

  • Everyone who supported the mod, whether it be through bug reports, encouragement, or screenshots.
  • Josef K. for the original Real Lights.
  • Wormheart for the original Natural Interiors.
  • Max Tael for the original Natural Environments.
  • HTF, WrinklyNinja, and Halo for Enhanced Weather.
  • LprMan for his weather textures.
  • The OBSE Team for creating OBSE.
  • Superice for synchronizing all of the wind speeds to match the weather types.
  • Wrye and the Wrye Bash Team for creating and developing Wrye Bash.
  • trira (elecgs) for the cloud seam fix