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Sentinels and Minotaur to Thomas and Friends

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No gods, no kings, only...

Beautiful Sentinels - Thomas and Friends Go on a Rampage does the following:
  • Replace Roaming Sentinel Drones to Bulgy the Bus
  • Replace Attack Sentinel Drones to Harold the Helicopter
  • Replace Sentinel Quadruped to Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Replace Sentinel Walker to Cranky the Crane (but with legs)
  • Replace Sentinel Starships to procedurally generated Trains and Bus including:
    • Thomas the Tank Engine;
    • Gordon the Big Engine;
    • James the Red Engine;
    • Percy the Small Engine;
    • Spencer The Express Engine;
    • Hiro the Japanese Engine;
    • Bulgy the Bus

  • Replace Sentinel Freighter to giant Thomas the Tank Engine (now with collision!)
  • Replace Planetary Sentinel Drone Loot Drop to James' Coal Cart
  • Replace Sentinel Quadruped Loot Drop to Hiro's Coal Cart
  • Replace Sentinel Walker Loot Drop to Open Wagon
  • Replace Sentinel sounds with train whistles and engine sound
  • Replace Sentinel-related Exosuit voice lines to various Thomas & Friends quotes
  • Replaced Minotaur exomech with custom kit-bashed Thomas the Mech Engine model 
Enhanced Edition provides the following:
  • 100% more Feet
  • 100% more Steve head
For a gallery of the Enhanced Edition, please see this album
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Special thanks:
  • monkeyman192 for a great amount of information on some mechanics and limitations of the game, and his work on NMSDK
  • Trainwiz and friends for Really Useful Dragons
  • Y Nakajima for the inspiration for Thomas the Tank Engine
A list of modified vanilla files can be found here 

Harold the Helicopter and Cranky The Crane models by Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends on tinkercad, used under CC-BY-SA
Gordon, Hiro, James, Percy, Spencer, Troublesome Trucks models are from Tomix by Barnstorm Games.
Thomas and Bulgy models by agepbiz
Foot model by mitch.harvey
Steve model by dogger88
Sentinel Quad legs modified from model by Mateus Schwaab
Thomas the Mech Engine parts from models by bobanKurumA and EddyNL
Thomas the Mech Engine decal made by Valency Graphics
Globglogabgalab (with Thomas faces) model made by genobreakerk