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Drastically improves performance on The Strip by getting rid of... water LOD

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I hate this game.

Water rendering is so broken in this game, that water LOD simply existing massively tanks the perf.
Unfortunately, Strip's worldspace, uses a partial replica of the Mojave... with the water.
Yes, the Lake Mead is there.
Other bodies of water are there.
Rendered, all the time.

I did what Obsidian didn't and... disabled the water LOD. That's it.

20 fps boost on average on all machines I tested. Other people report more drastic improvements, especially with DXVK.

Slider comparison

Seems like a scam. It's not. I'm literally baffled by how simple it was to gain such big performance increase.

- Simple Open Strip is compatible. No landscape is touched there.
- Anything that doesn't overwrite landscape LOD meshes for the Strip. I don't even know a mod that'd do that. If there's any, just load the fix after it.

Drawing of whatever that is: Kiwi (Midnightcacti)

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