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About this mod

Mod aims to fix some alpha rendering issues like broken effects when using Transparency Multisampling.

Permissions and credits

Game is buggy. Nothing new. This mod tackles alpha rendering issues.

Mod currently fixes:

Additionally, mod adds:What this mod doesn't do (yet):
  • Fix blending of multiple alpha blended objects.
    Most notably hair disappearing underwater.

What this mod will never do:
  • Make ENB work.
  • Get rid of dithering on DXVK - Driver exclusive formats used for transparency MSAA don't exist in Vulkan. 
  • Make you happy.

Additional To Do:
  • Run SMAA or FXAA pass on alpha tested textures. Not really needed, they look fine as it is.


  • Karut and Stewie for helping with ASM.
  • MadAce aka KiCHo666 for making me aware of the broken state of animated alpha and providing mesh to hehe, test.
    (Get it, it was an issue regarding alpha testing haha. Kill me)
  • Trooper aka AVeryUncreativeName for crash testing.

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