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Allows for customizable bloom resolution, making it possible to use resolutions other than vanilla's quarter one.
Additionally allows to fully replace tone mapper and bloom with external ones like ReShade.

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Mods edits the resolution of the bloom render target, allowing it to use higher screen resolutions instead of the hardcoded quarter size.
This increases bloom precision, reducing its flicker, albeit at the cost of the bloom size and GPU utilization.
Additionally, you can totally replace the bloom shader with a custom one.

This mod has nothing to do with the "Bloom" setting!
(Don't use it!)

  • Customizable bloom resolution scale in the ini (From 1:1 to 1:8 - default is 1:2).
  • Removed hardcoded 256x256 bloom size when the screen width is 1280 or lower, added an option to use the square bloom at any res instead.
  • Option to use completely custom resolutions.
  • Option to disable vanilla tone mapper, allowing to properly use external bloom and color shaders with ReShade. 

Square bloom comparison here

  • xNVSE - shocker, I know.

Change is done on the engine level, so it's compatible with everything, although keep in mind that bloom size depends on the resolution.

  • whole xNVSE server
  • lStewieAl - for decompiled source code, wouldn't be possible without him
  • RoyBatterian - helping with the code
  • Kaldaien - for creating Special K which allows for viewing render targets and shaders

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