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A compilation esp for Camon's Weapon Pack, and Scottmack's various weapon packs.

All of the items are now added to appropriate lists via script, and no vanilla forms are edited. All of the weapons can now be found being used by enemies, or on vendors.

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Scottmack and Camon's various weapon mods are some of my favourite weapon mods for new vegas (I like them more than WOTNM). They match the vanilla style perfectly, and add tons of awesome weaponry. However they were never fully integrated into the wasteland. This mod tries to change that.

I have removed every single thing in the mods that didn't directly relate to weapons. The weapons, their sounds, and their weapon mods are still their. Everything else was removed. The homemade SMG is still craftable. I removed duplicated weapons, and converted weapon variants into weapon mods when possible. I merged similar weapon mods for similar weapons. I renamed all of the weapons to match the vanilla style of New Vegas.

I then wrote a script that adds all of the weapons to vanilla repair lists, adds them to all appropriate perk lists, and adds them into vendor lists. The unique weapons are added alongside the Gun Runners Arsenal weapons at specific shops. The unique weapon are not added onto repair lists.

I have created condition lists for all of the non-unique weapons in this mod, and merged them, through scripts, with the vanilla condition lists for similar weapons with the same ammo type. This means that anytime one of the vanilla weapons whose condition lists I edited is spawned, one of the weapons from this mod can spawn instead. This integrates them perfectly into the world, provides compatibility for a ton of quest and npc mods, and doesn't require editing a single vanilla record.


  • No vanilla content edited. All weapons are added into the game through scripts
  • Weapons better integrated into the game world. Repair with vanilla weapons now possible
  • Weapons can be found anywhere in the game world, and is fully compatible with most quest and content mods

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