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Many new creatures, some you have never seen before...

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Created by Dogtown, re-uploaded by Ironman5000

Adds many new creatures to the game integrated through the spawn levelled lists.
Now I dont mean red, blue, and orange versions of the default creatures, I mean theres 130 creatures that you have never seen before or they have a new model and texture making them unique, including their stats.

What this means is you will always get something to spawn, just not 20 of them. I did this for a reason, its still a challenge with the spawn chance maxed instead of your computer trying to proccess a spawn count so high it blows up your computer. I also set the the respawn time to 2 days instead of 3.


And I do mean ALL, except for quest creatures and the such.


This means those areas that you went in and wiped out all the creatures, well that was it they dont come back. But now they will.

Theres a chance that if you shoot down a ghoul but he still has his head and legs, he might stand back up and come at yah for another bite. Also there are new night spawns, creatures that only come out at night, like Werewolves. The new ghoul and night spawn scripts are from "Harderman" check out his work here


Its those pesky fussion batteries they tend to become unstable when hit with automatic fire. It might take a couple seconds but then watch out, they explode in a variety of different ways too, fire, plasma, shrapnel, who knows.

speaking of robots there are 3 new droids added to the robot family that carry some new weapons that can be looted and are playable, 6 weapons total.

Theres a lot of good mods out there that are heavy into NPC's and factions so this mod only deals with creatures so as to not cause conflicts, but keep in mind that it will conflict with other creature mods APART from Monsters Wars by Ironman5000 which work perfectly together.

The AWOP-Monster Mod merge patch gives many AWOP creature bosses new models and textures, it also adds all the creatures from Monster Mod to the underground areas.


Did ya beat the game and ya want to spice up your second play through?
Get one or both optional esp's that will add T-800 Terminators and or Aliens to the Mohave,
WARNING! these guys are really tough so be ready for a fight, there is even a Queen Alien that will show up once you are above level 10.


Get the latest from AWOP, THE RUMBLE ZONES adds even more areas to the Mohave
Dark eerie tunnels infested with Monster Mod creatures, (watch out for little Timmy)
find it here:

Theres also an optional file for IWS that allows IWS nonviolent creatures to spawn, this file
is not needed to run both mods, just be sure MoMod is below IWS in the load order
that goes for if you use the optional file or not

I just added an optional "Relacer" file for the people who dont want spiders
soon there will be a new esp that will give an ingame menu that allows more choice in the
creatures you want

Simply extract the esm and bsa to your data folder - steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasdata.

If you install for a new game the creatures will be readily set to spawn by default, but if you install during a current play you will need to install then wait indoors for 4 days to ensure all spawns reset to cater for the new monsters.

steelhardburger for the eyebot and hover bot base nif and texture
elveon for the spider nif and tarantula texture
mikal33 for the giant spider texture
sesom for iguana base nif
DVAted for the sand lizard texture and normal
tumbajamba mutant and cadaver ghoul nifs
sharmonyx horror muties, spike and wolf tex base
CIB for the awesome ghoul,mutant, and dog skeletons
crushoverwrite for insects
Zenl for spike
puce moose for exploding robot script
harderman for the ghoul, and spawn scripts
gsc game world for stalker critters
corehound for the anim kf's
Quetzlsacatanango for the rigged geckos,hell beasts,werewolf,moleman,alphasentry,eyebot,khazra,parasite and alien rig
Andersh for the base tyranid nif and tex
Alien Slof for alien textures
opethrockr55 and _Alien_ for tech aliens
id2301 for fev tex


Hallo an alle deutsch Sprechenden, der Link hier drunter führt euch zur deutschen Übersetzung dieser Mod.

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