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Wake the fuck up Courier Six, we've got a dam to burn.

Custom Animations for the Desert Eagle from Weapons of Our Millenia, Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered, The Big O and the Mojave Eagle.

Permissions and credits

Multiple custom made reload, fire, jam, inspect and equip animations for the Desert Eagle made by Millenia, with reload sounds made by MagmaCow, edited by me. Supports the standalone Desert Eagle, as well as the ones from WoOM, CFWR, The Legend of The Mojave Eagle and The Big O - Courier's Unique Desert Eagle. Inspired directly from Johnny Sliverhand's Malorian Arms Pistol in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Player FOV is set to 80 in the video.

kNVSE Animation Plugin (duh) and
Weapons of Our Millenia or 
Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered or
The Legend of The Mojave Eagle or
Desert Eagle or
The Legend of The Mojave Eagle or
The Big O - Courier's Unique Desert Eagle
[also needs the requirements of the above mods, obviously]
B42 Inspect - Not required at all, but the inspect animation won't be useful without this.
B42 Weapon Inertia - Looks nice.
FOV Slider - imagine playing at default FOV smh (I use 80 Player FOV and 90 World FOV)

Thanks to 
Januusz aka Johnsonn for his rig, tutorials and advice.
The Shiny Haxorus for his animation tutorial
Rockbiter68Visualcore/Frozen,  XolerysRageNClear and everyone else who assisted.

Credits to
Rockbiter68 for the locomotion animations.
MagmaCow on GameBanana for the sounds.