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A collection of Millenia's 22 best weapons, all painstakingly rebalanced and adjusted from the ground in a vanilla-friendly way.

Permissions and credits
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- My favorite 22 of Millenia's weapons that I feel best fit the vanilla game
- All of the weapons listed below have been heavily rebalanced and adjusted to better fit with the game. All damages, values, healths, etc have been balanced to
better fit vanilla weapons
- The items have also been renamed to fit vanilla naming conventions and integrated into proper leveled list
- They've also been given vanilla sounds (with the exception of the PKM since I liked that one) and vanilla icons (so mods like Consistent Pip-Boy Icons works with it out of the box)
- Meshes/textures have been optimized/fixed
- Weapons that had misaligned animations when using vanilla animations have not been included

Included Weapons
The following weapons have been completely rebalanced and reworked to better fit the rest of the guns in vanilla:

Mateba Model 6 (Renamed to ".44 Heavy Revolver")

TT Tokarev (Renamed to "9mm Slimline Pistol")

Mares Leg (Renamed to Sawed-Off Repeater)

Homemade Chechen Rebel SMG (Renamed to Homemade .22 SMG)

IMI UZI (Renamed to 9mm Compact SMG)

M37 Ithaca (Renamed to Police Shotgun)

Fairbairn-Sykes Combat Knife (Renamed to Dagger/Throwing Dagger)

Taurus Raging Bull (Renamed to .45-70 Magnum Revolver)

Combat Shotgun (Name unchanged)

Smith and Wesson M10 38 Special (Renamed to .38 Special Revolver)

Duplet (Renamed to Makeshift Shotgun)

AEK-971 (Renamed to Raider Assault Rifle)

AK-74 (Renamed to Chinese Assault Rifle)

USP Match (Renamed to 10mm Slimline Pistol)

Makarov (Renamed to Silenced 9mm Pistol)

HK G3SG1 (Renamed to Assault Rifle)

TOZ-34 (Renamed to Ranch Shotgun)

FN M1905 Pocket Pistol (Renamed to .22 Pocket Pistol)

IMI Desert Eagle (Renamed to .50 MG Pistol)

PKM (Renamed to Surplus Machine Gun)

Suomi M-31 (Renamed to 9mm Carbine)

- Millenia obviously gets all the credit for this, they are an amazing artist and it is great that they made all their NV works open source. Make sure you go endorse their stuff!
l0l28 for IMI Desert Eagle Patch, which is integrated into this mod
zedas for fixes to the M37 Ithica meshes/textures
- You can use this mod however you want, but it can't be sold/earn dono points and you must credit Millenia