Fallout New Vegas
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Millenia - Qolore7 - yRaven

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It's a unique DEagle for Weapons of Our Millenia, and it also balance the DEagle from the same mod.

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- I didn't liked that the DEagle from WoOM was a .50 MG Pistol, it was fun sure, but REALLY OP. So i balanced the .50 MG Pistol to be a 12.7mm Reinforced Pistol just as the Nerd Patch, but i also changed it stats to be more like a 12.7mm and less like a .50 MG

- But then i missed the fun, so i got a idea reading the comment from nognow in WoOM and made this, a unique 12.7mm Reinforced Pistol that's just like the .50 MG Pistol but it's named Mojave Eagle

- It's unprecise as hell, if you're using Real Recoil it will feel like you are trying to shoot a Anti-Materiel rifle with one hand and you need to be a bull with gun nut abilities to properly use it, more realistic than that would only be if you got damaged every time you shoot

- Also as a bonus i added a unique armor called Veteran Desert Ranger Armor, it has the Desert Ranger Armor appearance (It will change if you change the vanilla) but has the same bonus as Elite Riot Gear

- And where it all is? You can look the image and guess or look it here:


- Millenia obviously, he did everything. Go endorse his stuff, NOW!
Qolore7 my lord and savior. Blessed be this man
- Audixas for being the Ranger B)