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Let you ask Yes Man to open the Lucky 38 for business. With for main goal to stay vanilla friendly.

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Let you ask Yes Man to open the Lucky 38 for business. With for main goal to stay vanilla friendly.

This mod gives you the possibility to open the Lucky 38 to the public, simply by asking Yes Man. Its main goal is to stay vanilla friendly, this means there are no overcomplicated features or stuff that would feel out of place in the original game.


The first requirement is to get rid of Mr. House and let Yes Man take over the Lucky 38 (and let him upgrade the Securitrons if it's not done already). After that simply talk to Yes Man and you will see the option to open the Casino but you can't run a casino all by yourself of course, you need personel. The mod let you choose between the three Families: The Chairmen (Tops), The White-Gloves (Ultra-Luxe) and the Omertas (Gomorrah).
To unlock this option you need 5,000 caps and to complete Ring-a-Ding-Ding!.
To unlock this option you need 5,000 caps and to complete Beyond the Beef.
To unlock this option you need 5,000 caps and to complete How Little We Know.

"Why should I pay 5,000 caps?" - Well, consider this an investment, for the workers, food, renovations, etc...

Now that you've asked Yes Man you must wait three days for your new employees to get the casino in shape for its opening. After three days have passed the casino will open while you're in the Mojave (worldspace: WastelandNV).

So, the Lucky 38 is now open but what has changed? Well...

The place will be cleaned up. From cracks in the walls to papers on the floor, everything has been cleaned.
37 NPCs have been added. 22 in the Casino Floor, 15 in the Cocktail Lounge.
Casino Floor:
11 Gamblers
2 Blackjack Dealers
2 Bartenders
2 Guards
1 Roulette Dealer
1 Floor Manager
1 Greeter
1 Cashier
1 Receptionist (will appear after the Lucky 38 lights have been turned on)
The Securitrons originally guarding the elevator will change position.
Cocktail Lounge:
11 Gamblers
2 Bartenders
2 Guards

Music will be heard in both the Casino Floor and Cocktail Lounge. You also have the possibility to choose between 4 kinds of music: Strip, Lounge, Classical and Country. To change the music find these terminals:

The Casino Floor and Cocktail Lounge can have different musics.


What's the point in investing 5,000 caps if you don't get anything in return?
In the Casino Floor in the cashier's room you will find a safe. Everyday after the opening 150 caps will be added to it. This may not seem much but I have 2 reasons: 1. Most of your incomes goes to the employees, the supplies and other extra costs to keep the casino in order. 2. This is a video game and I don't want to break the balance by giving ridiculous amounts of money.

The mod doesn't show it but the hotel rooms aren't working. At least not until the lights of the Lucky 38 have been turned on (see this quest). Once they are on, a receptionist will appear in the Casino Floor giving the possibility for people to rent rooms, the incomes will then be increased to 300 caps.
NOTE: Same as the opening of the casino, the incomes will be added while you're in the Mojave (worldspace: WastelandNV). While the mod implies that hotel rooms are available you cannot visit any.

Dialogues creating inconsistencies like mentions of the Lucky 38 being closed will be disabled.
NOTE: It's definitely possible I missed some dialogues so let me know if you ever hear anything inconsistent with the current events.


- The floor in the Cocktail Lounge had a metal sound when walking on it. Fixed it by editing the meshe.
- Reduced the wind sound heard in the Penthouse and Cocktail Lounge.
- Reduced the opacity of the Penthouse/Cocktail Lounge windows texture to appear cleaner.


Complete overhaul of the Casino Floor lighting. The main reason for this is to increase performances, I also tweaked some lights so they emit the right color (e.g. the red lights on the elevator now emits red) and added lighting to the elevator sign. If you turn the lights on during Wild Card: Finishing Touches, all the lights in the Casino Floor will be on. Note: I will take a look at the Cocktail Lounge/Penthouse lighting in the future. The Casino Floor was high priority because of the performance loss.

- Unique textures for the Blackjack and Roulette tables with the Lucky 38 logo.
- The Blackjack dealer will use Lucky 38 cards.



Setting bAskMrHouse to 1 allows to open the casino while Mr. House is alive. Simply talk to Jane after the Strip Securitrons have been upgraded, the rest is exactly like with Yes Man. NOTE: Jane's new dialogues are not voiced. I didn't find lines I could re-use
and I don't care much about this option personally to put much work into it, I made it mostly for people who badly want to open the Lucky 38 in a Mr. House playthrough.

Setting bKingsChoice to 1 allows you to choose the Kings to manage the Lucky 38. G.I. Blues must be completed.


The NCR takes over the Lucky 38. The casino is opened (if not already) and the Chairmen are hired by the NCR. You can still access the Presidential Suite but you won't get the daily incomes.
The Legion takes over the Lucky 38. The casino is closed. You can still access the Presidential Suite.
No changes.

NOTE: I will probably expend this a bit. For exemple, make the casino playable in the NCR ending.

- There is a demo file available to test the mod right away. Remember that you must be in the Mojave for the Casino to open. This is not meant to be used in your actual game and I will not provide support for people using it that way.
- The casino is not playable, that wouldn't make sense since you're the boss. Maybe I will consider making an optional file allowing you to play in the casino but no promises.

Before becoming a standalone mod, Lucky 38 Lights Redone was supposed to be part of this mod so, recommended.

Simple Open Strip - Compatible
Clean Lucky 38 Casino Floor - Not Compatible - The Casino Floor will be cleaned after the opening.
Run the Lucky 38 - Not Compatible
Brave New World - Patch available to fix conflicts with some dialogues.
Lucky 38 Climate Restored - Compatible
TTW - Compatible
FPGE - Compatible
Fallout Character Overhaul - Patch available HERE.

Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. Let me know if you encounter any issue.