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About this mod

This mod allows you to build and manage almost every aspect of the Lucky 38. Manage the Casino, Cocktail Lounge, Museum and the Hotel! Uncover the secret of Mister House\'s legacy! Learn and create the Lucky 38\'s history!

Permissions and credits

Run the Lucky 38 allows you to re-open the Lucky 38 Casino and Hotel. You must manage your finances, hire employees to make your casino the beacon of the Mojave desert.

If you've already made yourself a wealthy courier prior to the mod - expand one room at a time. Otherwise you'll start at the beginning and jump to the end skipping over most of the mod.

A curious entrepreneur such as yourself may explore to verify the credibility of the rumours of Mr. House's secret projects. It is said that many years ago, before Mr. House had the Lucky 38 evacuated he ordered his men to shut off many of the power cores that reside in the basement of the Lucky 38.

[size="4"]FAQ[/size] -

Will there be any more versions? No. After working on this for over a year I learned a lot and had fun but it's time to move on.
How do I start the mod? - There is a terminal under the VIP lounge in the Money Room. There is also a walkthrough included with the download.
How do I start the new quest? - Head to the basement and flip as many switches as you can! (VERSION 3.0!!)
How do I start the kitchen (/cocktail lounge)?- You need the cook! Found on the industry floor.
Did the 2 Mister Handys in the storage room disappear? -
1. Back up your save game.
2. Deactivate the Run the Lucky 38.esm AND The Lucky 38 Empire.esp
3. Load your game and save the game (DON'T QUICKSAVE OR RELY ON AUTOSAVE)
4. Re-enable Run the Lucky 38.esm AND The Lucky 38 Empire.esp
5. Please only do this if you have this problem. You will lose all Lucky 38 upgrades, but since these two robots are the first thing to do in the mod prior to any upgrades, you shouldn't lose any progress.


SilverCatMKIII shows some of the less obvious and easily missed features of the mod.

[size="5"]Will You Run the Lucky 38, partner?[/size]

So adventurer, you have mastered the Mojave.
You may have murdered a man with the tumor, and another who could not walk.
Blasted the machine that is so amiable, and battered the whipped of the west.
But can you handle this, running your own casino!
Will you prove successful and rise to rule the wastes,
Or will you tumble to darkness, penniless in it all?


This mod is the culmination of several hundred hours of work to bring you a truly enjoyable work of electronic entertainment, allowing you to build your own veritable Eden among the terror of the wastes
While others fight and die under a burning sun:
You will relax among all the amenities of a past world.
You will control every aspect of the Lucky 38’s operation, the quality of patrons you serve, and the services it provides.
You will extend your influence, eventually becoming the master of the Strip!
You will face the consequences of your actions, and learn that running a casino may be harder than it appears.


This is Version 3.0 of Run the Lucky 38, a mod brought to you by PaladinRider and Omega549(retired)

Set your post-apocalyptic casino-running entrepreneurship abilities to the task and return to New Vegas a vision of its past. Manage the casino wisely and find new functionality among the hidden secrets of the enigma that is the Lucky 38.

You will decide how to expand your new Eden. Will you provide to the chem-addicted wastes of the Mojave?Will you offer services to the drunks looking to escape the hell outside? Are you looking to provide salvation and a retreat?
How you run your Lucky 38 is up to you! Open a museum, a pool, kitchen!

PLUS Discover and rescue the remnants of the Enclave in a new 3 part quest.

Where will they go?

Some patrons would like to stay at the casino; will you operate a hotel, complete with available suites, pool facilities, and a restaurant? You decide, both on the functions and the class of patrons that call your tower home.

1) If your stretched for funds, or enjoy the less than refutable vocations these individuals pursue, then by all means rent your suites to the lower classes of the Vegas Strip.

2)If instead you prefer to go the middle route, with patrons of modest quality and expectations, the the Middle Classes are for you, though be warned they are rather uninteresting people.

3) The upper class is just that, those select few whom will give your casino the air of refinement you so desperately seek.

Sacrifice Brings Success

above picture used from bethjunkie with permission

Remember, each upgrade you do will affect the return rate of the caps you make. That is, a larger more successful casino that attracts more customers will generate a larger profit.

Gamblers all across the Mojave will be enticed to spend their hard earned caps at your institution!

However, increasing the prestige of your casino requires that you to spend all those caps on new floors and features, don't fear though, it may cost a lot to open your own club, or provide food services, but doing so will help increase the money you will make over time.

Known bugs/issues
-Mods that alter or add xmarker headings to the levels that are reached through the elevator (i.e. the presidential suite, cocktail, penthouse, casino) will distort our script,causing floor selection to teleport the player to the wrong one, or none at all. While some suite expansions may cause this, mostly this stems from third party modifications that add a companion to be dismissed to the presidential suite, or something similar. We have no fix, only removing this xmarker can fix the problem, either through altering the mod or removing it from the load order (deactivating it).

InstallFOR VERSION 3.0
1. Extract the files, including the textures and meshes folders to your Fallout New Vegas\Data\ folder.
3. Select Run The Lucky 38.ESM and The Lucky 38 Empire.ESP then play!

Uncheck the .ESM file and ESP and delete it.
Delete the sound/voice/Run The Lucky 38.ESM/ folder. Delete the meshes and textures with "PRLucky38" prefix.

- COMPATIBLE with NVR (load Run the Lucky 38 after NVR) and Populated Casinos
- Operation Fixed Terrain - causes some issues accessing the NIS building. Can be temporarily disabled to proceed in the quest.
-This mod will almost definitely conflict with other mods that edit the Lucky 38 interior. (SUITE MODS SHOULD WORK). Send a PM if this is not the case.

If any conflicts arise please PM

PaladinRider(Primary Author)

Note: Omega549 has retired.

If I've forgotten to give credit for something please let me know.

Beta Testers: Toxic_Tripod0, Rattlerx5150, joplay2999, Tanica, someguynamedjoe, Evil_Vates, XionModder and VincentIcarus. BluLaz has also helped us with a problem with the slot machines.

Textures/Models: Moraelin - Moraelin's Professional Suit mod was used for the Lucky 38 suit, Woodrat for designing the majority of the armory and his permission to use it, Zalien for the Lucky 38 Map Markers which has been incorporated with permission. SpeedyB64 has also allowed us to use his Resource Pack for some of the neon signs.
The mannequins, created for FO3 by AndyW1384 and ported to NV by savagehart is used with permissions. The waitress's uniforms are modified KDC 1950s Maid outfit created by dieangel68 and used with permission.

Voice Actors/Actresses: riverbane and his friends have generously done the voice acting for the servers in the Cocktail Lounge.

Thanks to the creators of Fallout and Fallout New Vegas, and the creators of FOMM
Thanks to the NewVegasNexus.com for hosting mine among countless mods