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Overhaul of Lucky 38 lights.

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Overhaul of Lucky 38 lights.

The mod has two versions. The normal one is simple plug and play, the full model version requires Strip Lights Region Fix, the recommended load order is the following:

- Better Strip View.esp (not required but place it there if you have it)
- Strip Lights Region Fix.esp
- Lucky 38 Lights Redone.esp

Place these in that order as low as possible in your load order just above your weather mod if you use one, then check for conflicts in xEdit to make sure nothing is overwriting Strip Light Region Fix and Lucky 38 Lights Redone, solve any conflict there might be or you might end up with an invisible Lucky 38.

Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored - Not compatible.
Lucky38LightsRedux - Not necessary.
Better Strip View - Patch available.
The Mogul Mausoleum - Let my mod overwrite it.
Simple Open Strip - Compatible.

FaramH for Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored for the meshes I used as a base for my mod.