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A modification of the Lucky 38 lights before and after they have been turned on during the Mr. House/Yes Man questlines (see pictures and description).

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A modification of the Lucky 38 lights before and after they have been turned on during the Mr. House/Yes Man questlines.
In the quests The House Always Wins VII and Wild Card: Finishing Touches which I will call the El Dorado Station Quest, Mr.House/Yes Man send you to the El Doraro substation to upload an override chip, after this is done the Lucky 38 will light up (if you're interested Outside Bets restore a cutscene where you watch the lights being turned on). Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored is a mod I've always had in my setup and I always thought the El Dorado Quest was broken because with that mod the lights are on from the start so you don't see any change after you've uploaded the override chip (I found out about this just this week while working on another Lucky 38 mod which should be done soon). So I fixed my issue by removing parts of the mod but something was still bothering me, the lights are inconsistents. For exemple the lights at the bottom of the tower are yellow when you look at them from inside the Strip but from Freeside they are white. In other words, this mod is a consistency fix. Since version 2.0 I would consider this mod an overhaul.

The pictures are self-explanatory so I don't think a description of what the mod does is necessary. I'm just going to give an explanation on why, in my mod, most of the lights are off before the El Dorado Quest. First, this is because I want the Lucky 38 being lit up to be more significant/impactful, in vanilla we barely see a difference. Second, I assume that Mr. House without access to all his power, would choose to turn on only what's necessary, that's why only the top of the tower is on.

Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored - My mod is basically a remake of this one so not compatible.
Lucky38LightsRedux - Not necessary.
Better Strip View - Patch available.
The Mogul Mausoleum - Let my mod overwrite it.
Simple Open Strip - Compatible.

Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

FaramH for Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored for the meshes I used as a base for my mod.