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Canon duster from the artwork and few more...
Male and Female

Permissions and credits
Made canon duster from the artwork. Textures in 2k (based on Hall Of Equipment) exept some vanilla (with vanila texture paths). Holster (based on Pistol Holsters) included in mesh. Duster can be made from a combar ranger armor, like the others. Also added courier hat, its brown ranger hat but with textures of gray ranger hat, can be made from the brown ranger hat. ID's will be lower of the description. Old world logo by default, others in alternative archive.

Made a small remesh of the courier's duster and added three types of duster as new armor: long, cropped and jacket. The long version is made from NCR ranger armor (black), the rest are made from the long version. Male and female.

Need 25 repair skill for all armors.

The main mod has custom textures for the sleeves and a "blackjack" version of the duster. All parts of the outfit, except the sleeves, have standard texture paths.

You can download the second archive with alternatives:
Legion logo, NCR logo, old world logo with custom sleeves (no graphics);
Legion logo, NCR logo, old world logo with vanilla (painted) sleeves;
Legion logo, NCR logo, no logo of canon duster;
No holster variants of canon duster.

Drop the contents of the main mod (meshes, textures, esp) to the game Data folder. The contents of alternative skins (meshes, textures) are also copied to the Data folder over the main mod.

What's new:
Added female variant of armor
Added canon version of courier duster from the artwork
Added female version of the canon duster
Added shortest version and jacket version of the canon duster
Added all alternatives logo (in alternate archive)
Added ho holster variants of canon duster

Blackjack 21 on alternate logos
No arm under pip-boy
Some clipping issues, textures and etc...
Paths of alternative logo (thats why some logos didnt work)

Item ID for console:
xx004008 (canon duster)
xx00497f (canon hat)
xx000ADD (long)
xx001EED (shorter)
xx001EEE (jacket)

Pistol Holsters - really good with the jacket version of my outfit, just on the side of the pants there is a suitable belt for the holster, already included to the canon duster (armor from the poster)