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Canon duster from the artwork and few more...
Male and Female

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Made canon duster from the artwork. Textures in 2k (based on Hall Of Equipment) exept some vanilla (with vanila texture paths). Holster (based on Pistol Holsters) included in mesh. I have added many varieties of this armors, as well as many accessories, everything works for both men and women.

Also I made custom icons for each item.


Courier armor:
Long duster;
Shorter duster;

All vanilla logos and no logo;

With holster (dont need Pistol Holsters);
Without holster, but custom meshes of the duster (pushed back effect);
Without holster and vanilla meshes of the duster (straight duster);

Armored duster (in old screenshots):
Long duster;
Shorter duster;

All vanilla logo and no logo;

Variant with custom duster meshes (pushed back effect) for the holsters from Pistol Holsters.

Added several varieties of courier hat: hat with sunset sarsaparilla deputy badge (with new custom mesh, cause the vanilla caused problems with shadows with enb), hat with lucky38 card, hat with feathers, hat with card and feathers, hat with all accessories.
Sheriff's badges were also added separately: neck scarf and badge on the chest, neck scarf and badge on the belt and just badges on the chest and belt.
The number "6" on the armor has been slightly changed

First you need to make a duster without logo from the combat ranger armor (repair 25). Then you can either make a short version and a vest, or make a logo.

The whole craft is looped, you can make armor - then apply a logo - then make the duster shorter - then make the vest - restore
the length - remove the logo - then select a new one if you want.

Accessories are made of leather belts.

You can craft Hats from brown ranger hat

Usual installation using the mod manager, or manually:

Drop the contents of the main mod (meshes, textures, esp) to the game Data folder.

All stuff in single pack now
So if you have an old version, delete all old files and install the new version of the mod.

Pistol Holsters - really good with the jacket version of my outfit, just on the side of the pants there is a suitable belt for the holster, already included to the canon duster (armor from the poster)

ATTT - Armed to the Teeth - allows you wear few weapons at the time (read description!)

Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI - cool Pip-Boy mod. It goes well with my mod.

K98 German rifle - I like bolt-action rifles and I love k98 in any game, btw it nicely fits my cowboy outfit. And do not forget to install a size fix in the mod's optional files, because without it, it is very large

Bolt-action rifles patches - needs to remove vanilla hunting rifle reloading from K98 and adds cool one by one animation. Required Asurah Reanimation Pack, which I recommend to put only Main version, cause it has necessary anims. If you put main version and of asurah together, 
then there will be no shutter sound when recharging K98.

Hit - .357 Magnum Revolver Anim Set - I like vanilla animations, but this is a great set for a change. Only there is one problem, with this animations, the reloading and shooting improvements from perks do not work, they have their own speed

lStewieAl's Tweaks - must have for the best cowboy gameplay. Improves many gameplay features (read the description of the mod), but most importantly adds the ability to remember the number of your rounds after changing weapons. Now you will not restore ammo after changing weapons, if you run out of bullets in all barrels, you will have to reload during the battle (you need to manually activate the option in the file, read the description)