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Here it is. Finally. This mod allows you to dynamically holster up to three weapons on your character at once.

Permissions and credits
At long last, Armed to the Teeth for New Vegas is in a releasable state. I'm sure many of you have seen me posting about this mod on here, or on other sites like Reddit and on Discord. Well, I finally got around to finishing releasing it. Before I go on, I'd like to give credit where credit is due. This mod wasn't built in a day and it certainly wasn't built alone. I would like to extend my thanks to the bug testers that helped me figure out how and where the mod was breaking everything; TheRatDragon, aka OGLOCC9336, Adysss, VVAREZ, SeraphimDreams , Peyrrohn, aka PiperofFarts, th2001eo, Speedyspaz, MikeFlutters and Haris77, aka Dizzyfatpigeon, thank you guys so, so much for sticking with me until the end. To Speedyspaz, I extended further thanks, for the amazing work he did putting together the MCM Menu compatibility that was sorely needed and much appreciated. I also extended further thanks to Dizzyfatpigeon for the amazing video and screenshots he made for the mod page, this thing would look like shit without him. Another big thank you to Adyss for helping me out with a few weapon meshes that needed rigging, as well as MikeFlutters for making the TTW patch that everyone was looking forward to, I owe you a lot my friend, I really appreciate it. And finally a big thank you to Eferas for his Cowboy Weapons Holster which provided me with the initial inspiration/materials to start work on this mod, and for rigging a large amount of weapons at the beginning of development.
If clicking on the Endorse button and Voting for this mod for file of the month doesn't feel like enough thanks to you, go ahead and give the guys that helped make this mod a reality some Kudos on their profile pages, they've earned it! 

*Attention, updating to version 1.2Beta requires a clean save.**
**Failure to do this when updating the mod will result in the mod not working properly.**
There appears to be a bug with version 1.1 wherein the mod will not work correctly unless you initially fill up all of the hotkey slots that the mod is using and have all weapons displaying correctly the first time you use the weapon holster. This issue appears to go away for everything after all slots and weapons have been filled and displayed at the same time, so you can take some off afterwards if you wish. I am working on this bug but it may take quite a while for me to put in the work needed to fix it. If the fix does not work you may have to revert to version 1.0c, which is in the files tab. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
This bug may have been fixed in version 1.2beta, it's not been extensively tested cause I don't have the time but if y'all can test it out and let me know how it goes that'd be sweet. 
To make a clean save, uninstall the previous version, open your game and make a save, then close the game and install the new version, open the game again and voila! The mod should work no problem. To get the holster back into your inventory again without going to a workbench, simply type:

player.additem xx0013d8 1 

Into the console, where 'xx' is the load order of this mod in your game, cheers.

Check out this awesome showcase video by Dizzyfatpigeon demonstrating the mod:

Don't forget to give that video a like and subscribe to Dizzyfatpigeon, it's the least we can do for the awesome videos and screenshots he put together for the mod page.

And here's a playthrough of a quest mod featuring ATTT by Ollyoxen:

What it Does.
This mod allows you to have up to three (technically four if you equip a knife or tire iron, etc.) weapons displayed on your player character at once, two rifles and one pistol. You can chose which weapons show up via the MCM Menu options if you don't like there being so many. You choose which weapons show up by hotkeying them in the appropriate hotkey slots. By default these slots are:
  • Rifle that shows up on the Right hand side of the Player Character's back when not in use: 1
  • Rifle that shows up on the Left hand side of the Player Character's back when not in use: 3
  • Pistol: 4
Again these can be changed in the MCM Menu. Once again, thanks a million to Speedyspaz for his work on the MCM menu for Version 1.1, allowing me to rewrite the script to allow the enhanced combustibility.

How it works.
Strap yourself in, this is gonna get complicated. TL;DR at the bottom. So, this mod runs a script when you equip an armor piece that scans three of your hotkeys and finds the weapons assigned to those hotkeys. It then finds the file location of these weapons, and through a bit of scripting wizardry, assigns the model of three different armor pieces to a be 'rigged' versions of the three hotkeyed weapons. These rigged models are weapon meshes that have been edited (rigged) by me to be treated as armor models by the game, which allows the to be displayed at the same time as actual weapon meshes. These three new armor pieces are then equipped and unequipped according to what weapons - if any - you have equipped at the time. This stops you from having one pistol in your hand and one 'holstered' at your side. Because of the way that the scripting wizardry works, the mod only works if the weapons that are hotkeyed have been rigged by me and are in the right file location. This means that mod weapons wont work until I or someone else riggs them. Replacer weapons will also not work correctly, either showing a non-replacer version of the weapon, or not showing anything at all. This is just the way it works folks, there's nothing I can do about it. If you have a weapon that you want to be compatible, and I do not have the time to do it, you can do it yourself if you follow this guide that I made. It takes about 10 minutes, give or take, once you have the software needed, to make a weapon compatible. 

TL;DR, Equip the Weapon Holster armor piece. Assign 3 hotkeys in the MCM menu, the weapons in those hotkeys will show on your player when they are not holstered. Doesn't work for mod weapons unless I (or someone else) has rigged them and the files are in the right locations.

To get the mod going you must first acquire an armor piece called 'Weapon Holster'. You can craft it at the workbench with two leather belts. When you equip this armor piece, it will scan your hotkeys on the fly, so you can change what weapons are displayed at any one time. The weapon holster will not work if you have Power armor equipped. If something goes wrong and the weapons do not show up correctly/at all, simply press the Reset Key (h by default) to reset the holster. This resets the script and re-equips the Weapon Holster, so it should fix any visual bugs.
I'd try to explain how the mod works on the fly but it's easier to show you. Keep in mind that this video was made before the MCM menu features were added, so don't listen to me when I say the first three hotkeys only, etc. Also, as of version 1.1, the MCM menu and holstering mechanics have been changed, now there are named selections, so you have to designate a hotkey for the Left Rifle, Right Rifle and Pistol, respectively. This change allows you to turn on and off each holstered rifle individually to suit your needs. The MCM menu also offers the option of stopping the Right Rifle from swapping over to the left hand side of the Player Character if there is no Left Rifle there. 

This mod is going to have a shitload of compatibility issues. The reason for this is that every weapon that shows up as holstered has to be edited manually and placed in the correct file location, which means that mods that add new weapons or change model file locations are not going to work with it. So far I have created a number of compatibility 'patches' filled with the weapons from mods. Every vanilla and DLC weapon in the game should work no problem, but keep in mind that many of these are edited by mods like WMX, WME, etc. So far, the list of compatible mods is as such:

  • EVE, by  weijiesen - Fully Compatible - Download Compatibility Patch 
  • WMX, by antistar - Fully Compatible - Download Compatibility Patch 
  • TTW, by the Tale of Two Wastelands Team - Download Compatibility Patch 
  • Weapons of the New Millenia, by Millenia -  Download Compatibility Patch
  • All of my own weapon mods (Favoritism much...? :P ) - Links at the bottom of the page - Included by Default

This mod will should work with body replacers, but depending on the body or the armor the holstered weapons may float too far away from your body or clip with your character. To fix this would require me to re do all of the meshes in the mod, and I simply do not have the time to do that.
This mod uses three armor pieces to work, as such it takes up three biped body slots. It takes up Bodyaddon slots 1, 2, and 3. Therefore, any armor that also uses those biped slots will be incompatible with this mod. 
Project Nevada compatibility may be added in the future, right now I don't have the time. But if anyone feels like making a compatibility patch again, feel free. 

Required Mods.
This mod also has some requirements, they are as follows:


The latest versions of NVSE and the JIP LN Plugin are necessary as they contain new, and fixed, script functions that are necessary for this mod to work. The Weapon Retexture Project is necessary as to create a compatibility patch with it would require me to re-rigg the vast majority of the weapons in the game thanks to MIllenia messing with the vanilla UV maps, making his mod a goddanm compatibility nightmare. Blame MIllenia for this one, not me.

Recommended Mods.
Here's a few recommendations I have for your load order that go well with this mod:

As with any major mod, this one comes with a few bumps in the road. Thanks to the beta testers working on this mod with me, I have been able to squash most of these with tricks and immeasurable cleverness, but some remain regardless. The primary of these being the fact that sometimes your weapon will 'explode' in first person... I know, it sounds weird and I have no idea what causes it. It seems to be caused by switching weapons in third person when the Weapon Holster is equipped, although it doesn't seem to happen every time you do this. Upon switching back to first person, your weapon will appear to have 'exploded' in your player's hands, with parts floating all over the place and your ADS sending your weapon way above your head. Thankfully, the reset hotkey takes care of this issue in a matter of milliseconds once you press it, so just keep that in mind and you'll have no issues. I can't really fix this issue as I have absolutely no idea what could be causing it. 
Weapon modifications will not show up on holstered weapons that have them equipped. They will still show up when the actual weapon is equipped, but when the holstered, armor piece version is equipped they will not show up. This is due to the way that the game handles modded weapon models and how the 'GetModelPath' script function works 

So shit is probably going to go wrong for you unless you have a very vanilla game. Don't worry though, there are a few bits and bobs I have included here to help you fix the problem yourself for you to try out instead of just whinging in the comments tab. 
First of all, if something goes wrong, the quickest way to fix the problem is to press the Reset Key, H by default (This can be changed in the MCM Menu). This keypress will reset the Weapons Holster and the script that runs on it, and should fix any minor issues.
Secondly, if a weapon isn't appearing for you and you are unsure as to why, opening up the console and reading the debug text that appears there should help a good bit. If no debug text appears the script isn't working and you probably don't have the latest version of JIP installed. The debug text should tell you where the script is expecting to find the weapon's rigged mesh. you can navigate to this location in your data folder and find the weapon to rig it yourself if you'd like, or the location will tell you what mod is changing the weapon's file location so you can download the correct compatibility patch for it. Again, 9 times out of 10, if it is downright not working for you you need to update your JIP plugin and make sure NVSE is up to date.

Plans for the Future. 

As many of you seem to be worried about updates and patches in the comments tab, I decided to add this section to the description to show you guys what's planned for the future and what's being worked on right now, as well as (very rough) time frames for these updates. First off, the next update should have as follows:

  • The weapons that are marked as missing or showing up wrong in the Bugs tab.
  • A rewritten script, hopefully more efficient and with a new MCM Menu to go along with it, to give you guys more control and to make it easier to read.  - Done in Version 1.1
  • A fix for the Iron Sight bug when switching weapons in third person, as shown in Ollyoxen's video.

This will be version 1.2, and it should be out within a month or two, time permitting, of course. 
After that, I will consider the scripting side of things finished, and will be moving onto adding more compatibility to the mod. The second big update should include:

  • Full Weapons of the New Millenia support
  • Full Project Nevada Support
  • A few more individual weapons here and there

After those are done I will consider the mod mostly finished, although on the off chance that I find a spare 40-50 hours lying around, I may add a vanilla compatibility patch.

We Need Your Help!

Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying the mod and we all appreciate the support and bug findings that I myself and others worked so hard to find and crush, but some always get through the cracks. Anyways, I have a proposition for you, the community. As you are aware if you have read the description and the ten minute video that Quicksilver500 made, we need your help with something. The team, myself included work on this mod with our spare time, this isn't a job, it took us awhile just to get the mod released, but with Quicksilver's permission, I come to you to ask for help in rigging weapons. It is an easy 10 minute process, I know it sounds like we can do it, and we have but it would be a HELL of a lot easier if you helped us create patches for these weapons and maybe even other mod authors can make patches for their own weapons. What we are asking is that you look at the video, use the Blender application, and "rig" some weapons. Now, we have promised full support for WOTNM and we will do that. However, to make it go faster, we need your help. Even if it is for one weapon, I ask that you send Quicksilver, Speedspaz, Adyss, or myself (TheRatDragon or OGLOCC9336, whatever ya wanna call me) your file so we can put it in a optional mash together pack and if we have more than expected, we'll make multiple packs. You create the mesh or rig, we compile it into a pack, we give you credit, and to the mod author of course if its say one of eprdox's weapons like his Mosin Nagant, and hence make it a community effort. Everybody and anybody can help, you don't have to, we aren't forcing you, we're not making you do it, it would not only take a bunch of things off our hands so we can focus our efforts on other things like bug fixing, MCM menu additions, etc. Anyways, sorry for the long post, remember to keep your weapons holstered and stay frosty guys! Peace. -TheRatDragon

Bits and Bobs.
As I say in all my mod descriptions, please report any bugs or glitches you find to me, either via message or on the mod page, thanks. Don't forget to endorse if you like this or any other mod, it might only take a few seconds of your time but it can mean a lot to the mod authors that make all the baller content on this website. Show them you appreciate the work they put in!

If anyone is interested in rigging weapons for compatibility patches, etc. Let me know and I'll give you a hand if I can, I'll also credit you in the mod page, or you can set up your own compatibility patch mod page and I'll link it here.
Feel free to upload your own screenshots to the mod page under the images tab, I enjoy seeing what others can do with the weapons I make. If you are planning on making a video featuring my weapon I encourage you to do so, and, if you can, let me know if/when you upload it so I can add it to the mod page. If you encounter any obvious bugs while recording I would really appreciate it if you would let me know and give me a chance to fix them before you upload the video. I understand that this is not always possible due to time constraints and whatnot, but if it's at all possible that'd be sweet. 

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V1.1 23/12/2017: MCM menu and holstering mechanics tweaked, TTW patch added.
V1.0c 13/11/2017: Fixed my breaking of the MCM menu, again. I'm super cereal this time guys, I swear.

V1.0b 13/11/2017: Fixed my breaking of the MCM menu.