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WIP Modern HUD Weapon Icons for TTW, WoOM, WoTMM and Scottmack's Weapons Redone.

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Modern HUD only includes icons for Fallout New Vegas and its DLCs, I wanted to have icons for every weapon that I can use, so here they are. Right now, I use A Tale of Two Wastelands, Weapons of Our Millenia, Weapons of The Modern Millenia and Scottmack's Weapons Redone, icons will be made for these first. I haven't tested all of them in-game, but they should work since they're just textures. Though I did make most of these at like 1:00am in the morning, so there might be some odd ones. If anyone finds a weird looking/missing icon, kindly write a comment.

After I finish all of my icons, I might do requests, so send 'em since I don't have much else to do besides play Fallout and watch YouTube ATM.

TTW       - Done - v1.0
WoTMM - Done - v1.1


B42 QuickThrow
QuickThrow Stylized HUD Icons - The grenade icon in the screenshot is from here.
The HUD Editor - Used for moving the weapon durability indicator to where it is in the screenshot.


Most of these I've made myself by following Anro's Guide. A few of them are renamed versions of the original F: NV from Anro icons to match the EditorIDs of TTW weapons. All credits for those icons go to him.
The weapon meshes used for screenshotting and converting into icons belong to the respective authors of the weapons.