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Allows you to edit the HUD...

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xNVSE (v6.0.5 or newer)
JIP LN NVSE Plugin (v56.16 or newer)
UIO - User Interface Organizer (v2.20 or newer)

Allows you to edit the HUD...

To enter the editor, go to the pause screen and click the button located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Your HUD edits get saved to the folder located at "..\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Config\TheHUDEditor", if you like your edits then that would be the folder you would want to make a backup of.

Change settings for the mod by going to the file located at "..\Fallout New Vegas\Data\menus\prefabs\TheHUDEditor\Settings\Settings.xml"

This mod  is safe to uninstall at any time during your playthrough.

  • Press Left Mouse Button while hovering over an element to reposition it.
  • Press Right Mouse Button while hovering over an element to edit the visibility, rotation, size, font and color.
  • Press CTRL+Z to undo
  • Press CTRL+Y to redo
  • When repositioning an element, you may find it useful to use the arrow keys for linear movement.
  • To select multiple elements, start by holding down the left mouse button (make sure there is no element under the cursor) and move the cursor to create a box, anything in the box will be selected. Similar to moving multiple icons on the desktop.

Has built-in compatibility with the following mods:
    Vanilla UI Plus
    Revelation (v0.61)
    Vanilla HUD Remastered
    HUD Like Fallout 4 (v10)
    RAD - Radiation (is) Actually Dangerous - Overhaul (v2.1.0)

If your mod manager detects conflicting files during installation, all you have to do is let this mod overwrite all others.
In Vortex, "Must deploy after" means the same as overwrite.

Controller support has not been added.