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Adds 45 of Millenia's and MTindle's best weapons, remade to be as lore friendly and balanced as possible. All integrated into leveled lists.

Permissions and credits
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Weapons of the Modern Millenia


This mod adds 45 weapons (and three uniques!) made by Millenia and MTindle. All of them have had their damage, health, weight, value, etc. rebalanced to fit better into vanilla New Vegas. All of them have been integrated into appropriate leveled and perk lists. Some of the weapons have had their meshes and sounds fixed. Also, all the weapons have had their names changed to conform to the naming standards of Fallout 3/New Vegas.

Included Weapons:

Remington 870 Sawed-off - Shorty Shotgun
Pancor Jackhammer - Prototype Shotgun
AKS74U - Compact Chinese Rifle
MP412 REX - .357 Heavy Revolver
KA-BAR - melee and throwable - (Throwable) Fighting Knife
AK47 - Heavy Chinese Assault Rifle
HK CAWS - Bullpup Assault Shotgun
M-14 - Military Battle Rifle
AN-94 - Abakan - Experimental Chinese Rifle
VSS Vintorez - Chinese Marksman Rifle
PPSh-41 - Chinese Trooper SMG
9A-91 - Chinese Police Rifle
Colt 1911 - .45 Service Pistol
Sten mark II - 9mm Handmade SMG
AS Val - Chinese Infiltrator Rifle
L96A1 - Military Sniper Rifle
Beretta 92 FS - 9mm Military Pistol
Millenia Arms - Colt M4A1 - Military Assault Rifle
Steyr AUG A1 - Scoped Assault Rifle
GSh-18 - Chinese Police Pistol
KS-23 - 25mm Grenade Shotgun / Heavy Shotgun
FN FNC - Infantry Assault Rifle
PB-6P9 - Chinese Infiltrator Pistol
HK G36K - Specialist Rifle
Winchester M1897 - Trench Gun - Trench Gun
Colt M16A2 - Military Carbine
TOZ-66 - Double-Barrel Shotgun
Steyr Scout - Scout Rifle
Walther WA2000 - Bullpup Sniper Rifle
Dragunov SVU - OTs-03 - Chinese Sniper Rifle
CZ805 BREN - Tactical Assault Rifle (Mk.2)
Codename RU-556 - Prototype Assault Rifle
FAMAS F1 - Bullpup Assault Rifle
Browning P35 - 9mm Rugged Pistol
Beretta 87 Target - .22 Target Pistol
IMI Galil - Heavy Assault Rifle

SKS Simonov - Chinese Infantry Carbine
SVT-40 - Chinese Battle Rifle
Mossberg 590 - Military Shotgun / Breacher
Gewehr 43 - Infantry Rifle
Saiga-12k - Chinese Assault Shotgun
ZM LR-300 - Light Assault Rifle
CZ-52 - Compact Chinese Pistol
Glock 17 Gen 1 - 9mm Compact Pistol / Leadspitter

All patches for this mod can now be found in the Vanilla Flavoured Patches page!

A patch for hitman47101's Anniversary Anims Pack is included here.

Notes and Credits:

Millenia has opened permissions for people to use his mods (see second image), as long as you don't monetize them (that includes donation points). If you'd like to make a patch for this mod, respect Millenia's wishes and do not monetize it.
Some weapons unfortunately couldn't be included due to underlying problems that I am unable to fix. If you see that a Millenia gun has been omitted, it's for a good reason.
I'm not a guns expert, nor a Fallout lore expert, so if the names don't make sense, please, do let me know your suggestions. Same goes for balance and leveled list integration, I tried my best to make them fit vanilla, but it's not gonna be perfect.
As for credits, well...

Millenia, MTindle, Naky and everyone else who worked on the original weapons - for the amazing weapon mods
Hitman47101 - for the Anniversary Anims animations included in the patch
Qolore7 - for the inspiration to make this and his amazing Viva New Vegas guide that got me back into the game
yRaven - for failing his mission
xEdit team - for their invaluable tool, which was used to make this mod
RoyBatterian and everyone else who made GECK Extender - for making the tool usable so I could edit scripts
Obsidian and Bethesda - for Fallout New Vegas
The Snigclave - for their contributions towards the great land of Snigeria
Polar - for being a piss boy
You - for checking this mod out

Special credit goes to Ytera, who's hatred for the RU-556 and CZ805 keeps me motivated to keep them in the pack at all times

Unique hint: the guy who had it didn't quite make it past a vault and definitely didn't bring enough antivenom.
The other two uniques don't have a spawn yet, you'll need to use console commands to get them. WeapTG18cUnique and WeapMB500SB are the IDs.