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Glenrhee - Optimizations by me

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Optimized version of Freeside Facelift mod.

Permissions and credits
Changes of the LITE version
-Deleted objects that player can't see, signs 
-Removed records that doesn't edit anything
-Only vanilla resources
-Decompressed ESM

Also, I highly recommend you generate LOD for FreesideFortWorld, FreesideNorthWorld, and FreesideWorld to prevent new buildings from appearing out of nowhere.

Simple Open Freeside is not supported and is most likely incompatible!

Recommended/Compatible Mods
Outside Bets (and Rotface to Riches): Completely compatible.
Uncut Wasteland (and Uncut Extra Collection): Completely compatible and highly recommended.
The Living Desert: Completely compatible and highly recommended.
Tammer's Vendors: Completely compatible.
Freeside East West Shortcut: Completely compatible and highly recommended. Also used it in one screenshot.
Extra Freeside Gates: Completely compatible and highly recommended. 
Functional Post-Game Ending: Probably compatible. I use it myself, but I've not actually beaten the game with it before, so I don't know firsthand all the changes it makes to Freeside. At worst there could be aesthetic conflicts and things will seem out of place (NPCs that shouldn't be there, object clipping, etc.), but functionally, it should work fine.

prodlimen - FLVJOD assets, used with permission.
Glenrhee - For Freeside Facelift and permission to upload this.