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Rotface to Riches is the first in a couple of planned mods that restore cut content from Fallout: New Vegas. The mod extends unmarked quest \'Rotface\'s Loose Lips\' to what was originally planned in the game but disabled.

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[size=32]New Vegas Uncut 1: Rotface to Riches[/size]


Rotface to Riches is the first in a couple of planned mods that restore cut content from Fallout: New Vegas. The mod is actually an extended version of the unmarked quest 'Rotface's Loose Lips', which although present in the final game is vastly shortened compared to what was originally planned - it was presumably left unfinished and hastily salvaged to only work in a simplistic manner due to time constraints. Around 75% of the quest was already implemented and has FULL voice acting, but only around 40% was set to actually play in the game. This mod restores the cut content and finishes the previously missing endings to make the quest complete.

In Freeside the player can encounter a down on his luck ghoul named Rotface. In the vanilla game he only dispenses hints and tips on the Freeside play area for a single cap and has no other use. In Rotface to Riches he now has an entire quest in which the player acts as his moral compass in an attempt to guide him out of the ghetto and into a new direction in life. Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

This is a fun little quest that has a lot of different outcomes and surprising and convoluted pathways to reach those outcomes. It can be played through in a LOT of ways, and the path is littered with unforseen consequences. It's a good example of Obsidian's mindset compared to Bethesda's - choosing the obvious "DO GOOD LOL" (or conversely, bad) option does not always result in a happy ending. There are a handful of low level rewards to be had, as well as some basic loot if things don't turn out so well..

A full walkthrough of this quest can be found here. Obviously expect spoilers!

What's New

V 1.2

- Fixed bug where if you were on the "mug" path and stopped buying tips when you'd bought more than 20 but before you'd heard all 30, Rotface would subsequently greet the player with the "are you sure you don't want to hear that important tip?" line despite not having reached that part of the quest yet.

- Changed some of Rotface's vanilla game lines so the dialogue text actually matches up with the voice over.

- Changed mug behaviour slightly.


Simply extract ALL files from this archive to your FalloutNV/Data/ directory. click the "Data Files" option from the game's loader and tick the box next to rotfacetoriches.esp


This mod will ONLY work properly in games where the player has NOT talked to Rotface at all. It will still work to varying extents in games where the player has already spoken to him, but there will be odd glitches and most crucially his quest will never end due to a bug/oversight in the original game code. I have released an add-on that will fix this problem for people who spoke to Rotface and bought FEWER than 10 tips from him before installing the main mod. If you have spoken to him more than 10 times before installing the mod then his quest will unfortunately still not resolve correctly. The add on should ONLY be used by people fitting the above criteria or you will have some odd problems.

Do not use this mod with New Vegas Uncut: Freeside Open. That mod already includes a specially altered version of this one, and using both together will break the quest.

Known Issues/Bugs

- Another outcome was intended that I have not implemented in this mod as it's practically identical to an existing one. I may implement it in future.

Reporting Bugs

Please post bugs in the Rotface to Riches topic on the Nexus forums. Please note that no attention will be given to bugs that occur from using the mod in a game where Rotface has already been spoken to. You should ideally only use this mod on a new game.

Version History

V 1.1

- Redid some dialogue tree options to handle rotface running out of tips in a more sophisticated manner.
- Due to the above, less voice samples are needed now.
- Edited together a new line of dialogue for Rotface telling the player the price has gone up to ten caps. sounds a bit rubbish, so if anyone can do better, send me the proof! Includes new lipsync.
- Due to the above, Rotface now only charges 10 caps for the second tier of tips as was intended.
- Prevented the player from talking to the thug once he is spawned.
- The player can ask Rotface about the special Kings quest hints at any point that he is still selling information now. Previously he would stop selling this info once he got his hat.


- First version. Everything. All outcomes can be completed.


Mod by MoBurma
Based on original code by Obsidian