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Hacked weapon meshes to create additional unique firearms.

Permissions and credits
01/07/2021: Uploaded version 3.24, a bug fix release to correct the Lassinger firing animation. [Athelbras]

11/26/2017: Uploaded version 3.23.3 Updater for the "All In One" file to fix a Gee-Whiz model issue. [Athelbras]

02/22/2017: Uploaded an MO-friendly compatibility patch installer for EVE / IMPACT / WMX / WME with user-selectable options. [Athelbras]

11/18/2016: Uploaded version 3.23.2 Updater for the "All In One" file to fix Gauss This falling through cave floor. [Athelbras]

10/15/2015: Uploaded version 3.23.1 Updater for the "All In One" file to fix a recipe bug. [Athelbras]

05/26/2015: Uploaded version 3.23 of the Compatibility Patches. Install with NMM/FOMM. [Athelbras]

05/25/2015: Uploaded version 3.23, a bug fix release. See the Change Log for details. Install with NMM/FOMM. [Athelbras]

05/22/2015: Uploaded an automated installer for the Custom Shop; instructions are provided for those who prefer manual installs. [Athelbras]

03/19/2015: Uploaded an updated compatibility patch for WMX with optional EVE and IMPACT support. [Athelbras]

03/13/2015: Uploaded a preliminary compatibility patch for WMX with optional EVE and IMPACT support. [Athelbras]

02/20/2015: Uploaded a scripted installer for the main mod, plus compatibility patches for EVE, IMPACT, and WME.  [Athelbras]

08/29/2012: 3.22 Update has been uploaded! This includes all of the Valerie and Wildcat fixes, NPC faction fixes for Davis and Tim, and a little something special for all of you WME users. Mod's now final, and with that I'm retiring from the New Vegas modding scene. It's time for me to uninstall this game and move on. It's been awesome, hope to see you guys when the next Fallout title hits!

Highly recommended for use with SU: The Weapon Mod Menu. Always know what kits go to what weapons, plus their actual effects!

TheTuninator video review! SU starts at 19:00.

Profanity warning: This mod contains profanity. No more than what you'd find in New Vegas itself, however.

(11/14/11: Compatibility list added to the very bottom of the mod description.)

This mod adds new unique weapons to the wasteland. The models are all hacked vanilla ones using bits and pieces from other vanilla weapons, as well as some minor texture work for a few of them. Stats are only marginally tweaked from vanilla and have been modified to more closely fit the weapons. I do my best to maintain game balance, keep weapons and notes canon, and not break game immersion whenever possible.

As a gunsmith and firearms enthusiast (and then some) I do my very best to build and modify these weapons for the best overall feel. Bullets can be seen in the magazines and are carefully aligned with the barrels, iron sights are as close to accurate as I can possibly get them, even shell ejection has been closely checked for what makes the most sense to the weapon. New bullet casings have been created where necessary and real world inspiration has played a huge role in the creation of this mod. SU is an extension of this undying passion of mine, countless hours have gone into trying to make the best possible experience that I am able to achieve with each of these weapons.

Included are:
LOTS of new guns (up to a grand total of 150!) Something for everyone!
New dry-fire sounds for nearly all of the included weapons, taken from real recordings (don't worry enthusiasts, the guns were treated well when doing this.)
Mad amounts of weapon modding capabilities! Every last added weapon (excluding optional replacers) has three mod options available.
Very liberal use of vanilla modkits to keep this mod as friendly with other weapon mods as possible! Only a few unique new kits have been added. Use of a New Vegas mod that allows modkit crafting is highly recommended.

Not sure you're going to like it? Try before you scavenge! I've included weapon chests in a dev room, accessible in the console via 'coc warehousebathrooms2'. Plenty of modkits and all of the new weapons can be found inside, along with a fair bit of ammo for virtually everything. Go out the door, take a right, and head to the end of the hall to find 'em.

I've attempted to place the weapons in locations that would be appropriate for the player's level rather than handing out overly powerful gear early and less useful gear later on. They also start out quite damaged, which means that whatever your level you won't be able to grab a super-powered weapon and go to town, it will take a little patience to repair these weapons to their full glory.

Now much more straightforward and easier to figure out! Version 3.2 does not have an install script, but manual installation has been made as easy as I could make it.

Step 1: Extract everything from the '1 - Install First' folder. Data dir to data dir.

Step 2: Go into '2 - Choose ESPs' and pick your set, A through D. If you're using WMX, you will want either A or B. Make sure they're activated in your load order. WME compatible files should go AFTER all of your official WME files. Vanilla probably doesn't matter, as it shouldn't conflict with anything in a bad way.

That's it! You're ready to find any one of a huge number of firearms.

But wait, there's more!

Step 3: If you want to further customize your weapon using experience, take a look through the mass of files that have been sorted in here. None of these are required, they simply offer visual changes to select weapons added in this mod. Screenshots are included so you have an idea of what each one does.

Final words, bold for emphasis, MAKING A MERGED ESP IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED with this mod! See that? Alright. Serious, it makes a difference, these ESPs add lots of things to perk, holdout, and recipe/schematic lists. Things will be much happier if you make a fresh merged patch here.


IF THIS MOD DOES NOT WORK: Make sure Fallout has been patched with the most recent official files and make a new merged patch.

If that still doesn't do the trick, follow these steps. This is more of a last resort situation, as if you're already using mods this shouldn't make any difference:

Locate your Fallout.ini file. On Win 7 it can be found here:

Users/NAME/My Documents/My Games/FalloutNV

Edit the Fallout.ini to not be read only, open it up, find and replace bInvalidateOlderFiles=0 to 1, save the file and close it, then set the INI back to read-only. (This step is unnecessary if you use anything like ArchiveInvalidatedInvalidator.)

Locate your New Vegas directory (should be steam/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas) and extract the 'Data' directory from the archive right into your New Vegas folder.

If you really want to use any of the files from this mod in another project then drop me a line! I've put a blasted ton of time into this silly thing so if you want to translate it go ahead and ask me, though please don't upload this mod anywhere without my permission.

Nothing serious or game-breaking here!

Sometimes the triggers will disappear. I don't know why. This seems to happen quite frequently with the single shotgun animations, it may be a vanilla bug as I don't change the triggers on these weapons.

Several guns still have issues with the laser sights not turning off when holstered.

Companions seem to use the new weapons alright, however weapon mods may not show up when they are using them. I hear that this is an existing bug within the game, at least.

Due to the nature of the beast, Dusty Harriet will appear to have very low recoil compared to the base .44 revolver. This is a bigger issue in third person. I've debated either changing it to be .357 or putting it back on standard firing animations but for now it remains as is. My desire to have a .44 with the hammer thumbed back overrules.

For whatever reason the jam animation on Matilda and The Jackal causes the base of the shell to completely vanish. Haven't found a good a way to fix this.

Some bits and pieces of clipping with the character. Ultimately, these are unavoidable with some of the things I've included with this mod.

The 25mm Grenade Launcher does something goofy. When you first equip it you can see the grenade poking through the top of the barrel in first and third person. Either firing or swapping ammo/reloading will make it go into proper alignment and stay put, which very nearly centers the projectile in the barrel. This is the only way I could find to get it aligned within the bore, but I would love to fix it for good if at all possible! For now it will have to be as is, hopefully it will get corrected later on.

Headhunter (and likely Blockbuster)--Due to a glitch in the default mesh and animations the magazine will shift slightly between first equipping the weapon and reloading/changing ammo types.

Some weapons may vanish if dropped. No idea why!

PlasMag Pistol appears not to have any lenses on the holosight. Technically the mesh is there, but it's set to be 100% transparent. For some bizarre and completely unknown reason, it will refuse to show an in-between level of transparency. The best way around this was to give it very, very clear glass.

Double Tap's reload (and possibly jam?) animations will not play sounds nor animate the shells within the chambers only while in third person and crouched. No idea on this one, outside of my ability to diagnose and fix!

Possibly more, there's -so- much content in here that I can't possibly keep track of every detail. If you catch something not listed here let me know and I'll look into it!

Shouldn't be anything major!

Yeah, so I know I've said this mod was finished some time ago and I keep adding stuff to it. I don't know when to quit! Now, it's not my intention to continue adding to this mod, but since it is a work of obsession there might still be a little more here and there. However, I would -really- like to say that it's completely finished.

Any issues, suggestions or ideas for fixes or options are welcome. At this point I'm no longer adding weapon requests to this mod, there's no more room in the Mojave to hide them!

Jonnyeah - Serious assistance in the mesh editing department, much patience, and the use of some resources from his WME mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/?id=37576/ Seriously, I've lost track of how many times he's heard the words 'thank you' from me. This guy rocks.
Odin_ml - Shell casing for the .50 MG, used from their Shells Slugs Ammo Modders Resource: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4542 Also served as the base for the 20mm shell casing, including the texture set.
Maniac3020 - Slower lever action rifles (borrowed stat changes for compatibility.)
Servalion and their #00 Commando mod, not for resources so much as ideas on how to make shotguns meaner. I've followed this tradition with the new shotguns in the pack, if you don't use the Shotgun Commando mod then they should be sufficiently more powerful than the default shotguns.
Yossarian22, thunder sound effects borrowed from Nevada Skies. Awesome sounds, you rock! ( http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/?id=35998 )
Moshman - Minigun loop sound borrowed from 'Weapons with a PUNCH' ( http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/?id=38755 ). Thanks, Mosh!
ryss5an - Hacked weapon concept art, it's been good inspiration. Thanks!
evanbgood - Original working design for EMP ammo, borrowed some tricks from EMP Ammo Expansion: ( http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/?id=35646 )
matty123456 - Figuring out and solving why certain weapons had to be stolen. Thank you!
InsanitySorrow - Serious texture work for the Argon Rifle. You rule! Your contribution makes this rifle infinitely better.
RavePMW - Making demo vids, locational guide with pictures, artwork for the mod page, and general assistant along with endless enthusiasm. Thanks a bunch!
Mahare and Shadow0115 - General ideas and awesome attitudes, the enthusiasm just keeps building momentum here. Mahare also helped out with Probable Cause and wrote the in-game note attached to it. Thanks!
Jason Sephard / SkyWlf77 over at http://foss-media.org/ - Caution Stripes used on RocketBoy and Probable Cause. Absolutely perfect for what I needed!
XGIRAFFEX - A faithful playtesting monkey. Managed to find some rare and elusive bugs for me to stomp. Good catches!
Nyrb - Doing all of the FOMOD scripting work. Without their efforts, SU would not have an install script. Thank you!
Camon - Serious texture contributions for 3.1, thank you for all of the awesome work! This guy's put a mad amount of time into giving many of these weapons completely original skins.
joefoxx082 - Amazing animation replacers and modding resources! Made use of his 2handautomatic pump shotgun animations for Doorman from Weapon Animation Replacers ( http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/?id=38527) Also, thanks to Lt Albrecht for pointing it out to me!
Erenar - Beta-testing 3.2 before it went live, thank you for the assistance!
incredibledorkknight - Snapping the location pics for the new stuff in 3.2, thanks a ton!

Obsidian/Bethesda for game resources and giving us modders so much control over the game!

Additional Credits (all resources used were listed as free for non-profit use):
Backgroundsy.com for carbon fiber textures, used in Matilda and The Jackal. ( http://www.backgroundsy.com/backgrounds/black-carbon-fiber-textures )
Arcsin at naytek.com for plastic textures used in Office Assistant, Alyx, and perhaps more. ( http://naytek.com/downloads.php )
Wojtar for the excellent metal texture used for the Jackal's muzzle brake ( http://wojtar-stock.deviantart.com/art/metal-texture-4-60021019 )
My good friend Trile for the awesome Wildcat logo used on the slide.
Midway USA for supplying SO many different grip texture options for me to look through for the Target .22. I'd also like to thank Volquartsen for making these beautiful lamenated grips, they make me wish that I didn't prefer synthetics!
http://www.netcarshow.com for the Delta text used in Delta Comp.
lvdk at http://www.clker.com/clipart-mouse-10.html for the adorable mouse clipart used on Mouser!
HunterGatoSiames at http://huntergatosiames.deviantart.com/art/Angry-Cat-Base-277519592 for the fantastic lineart feline used on Angry Kitten!
http://animalprintwallpaper.com/zebra-print.html for a couple of zebra stripe images which went into M-05 Scout Rifle, Bam Bam, and Wildcat Gold Match.
Thank you all for the resources!


Have fun out there!



Guaranteed to work are:
AG Weapon Reload Sounds - NV compliments this mod very well! SU was built around these sound files.
The Weapon Mod Menu (Useful with any mod setup.)
WME - Weapon Mod Expansion (Compatible ESP's included with SU.)
EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements
PN - Project Nevada
WMX - Weapon Mods Expanded (Weapon Mod Menu highly recommended in addition.)
New Vegas Bounties One and Two
FOOK - New Vegas