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Adds the Mark I Model B Gyrojet Rocket Carbine to the Mojave, complete with custom meshes, textures, sounds, icons, ammo type, and leveled list integration.

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  • Mandarin


The Gyrojet series of pistols and carbines was designed by Rober Mainhardt and Art Biehl of MBAssociates in the early 1960s. The guns fired specialised 13mm rocket cartridges which removed the need for the heavy barrel and receiver of traditional firearms. The guns were extremely light, being primarily constructed of sheet metal and thin aluminium. The unique caseless rocket rounds utilised angled nozzles to give the projectiles spin in lieu of rifling. The guns were equipped with ports in the rear of the receiver to vent rocket exhaust outwards, minimising recoil. Since the pressure used to drive the projectiles was released gradually rather than suddenly, the guns were very quiet. However, a drawback of this system was that the projectiles required about 10 meters of travel to reach maximum velocity, which caused problems with effectiveness at point-blank ranges. In addition, machining technology in 1960 was not able to manufacture the complex ammunition in an economically feasible and consistent manner. The Gyrojet series sold poorly, and production ceased shortly after the company was forced to reduce the bore of the gun for legal reasons. The guns were used to a limited extent in the Vietnam War.

This mod proposes an alternate history in which machining technology was able to keep up with the demand of the Gyrojet ammunition, and MBAssociates continued to produce and improve their design up until the outbreak of the war. As such, the Gyrojet Carbine spawns alongside hunting rifles, as the intent of the Model B carbine was as a hunting weapon. An exhibit about the weapons can be found at the REPCONN offices.

The gun uses a new ammo type, 13mm Rocket Rounds, which can be found at certain vendors, looted from enemies, or crafted at a reloading bench. Special ammo types, Armour-Piercing and High Explosive, can only be bought from vendors. In order to craft ammo, rocket casings are required. Rocket casings can be obtained by looting them from enemies who have been shot by a Gyrojet or by crafting them from scrap metal at a workbench.

The gun is silent by default and is classed as an improved holdout weapon.

The gun has a weird reloading process, so the animations don't fit the gun very well. I tried to match it as closely as possible.

I have included an optional scripted version which emulates the original Gyrojet's unique property of doing less damage at close range. The script works by increasing the target's damage resistance the closer they are. The gun does maximum damage at 15 meters and beyond. The script is flawed, however; as the DR of the target stacks with each shot at close range, targets with high health can become unkillable at close range. To fix this, move at least 15 meters away to reset their DR or shoot them in the head. If you want to look at the script, it is in the mod images.


  • Custom Mesh
  • Custom 2K Textures
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom Icons
  • Custom Ammo Type
  • Leveled list integration
  • Two attachments: a scope and upgraded springs.
  • Optional scripted damage


The weapon and its mods are located above Doc Mitchell's fireplace, along with 5 rounds of each kind of 13mm Rocket ammunition.

The weapon is also added to the leveled lists and can be found on enemies that normally carry hunting rifles. It is also sold by The Gun Runners and Cliff Briscoe.

13mm Rockets can be found on NPCs equipped with the gun. They are also sold by Chet, The Gun Runners, and Cliff Briscoe and can be crafted at a reloading bench. The cases required to craft the ammo can be looted from enemies shot with the Gyrojet (and you get will also get them if you are shot by an NPC). The special ammo types, however, can only be obtained from vendors.

The base id of the gun is xx000ade.
The base id of standard 13mm ammo is xx000add.
The base id of AP 13mm ammo is xx000ae0.
The base id of HE 13mm ammo is xx000adf.


  • Base damage: 49
  • Base DPS: 293
  • Critical damage: 60
  • Magazine capacity: 6
  • Minimum spread: 0.55
  • Max range: 7500
  • Min range: 1500
  • Health: 2000 shots
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Value: 7500 caps
  • Reload time: 2 seconds
  • Stats required: 1 strength, 100 guns


To install the mod, simply extract the folder labeled "Data" into your Fallout New Vegas main directory, and allow all folders to merge. Then, activate the .esp in your load order. Or, you could use a Mod Manager.



Meshes, textures, and sound made by TactaGhoul.