Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

A new worldspace in the San Francisco bay area started many years ago and based on some fan fiction from Fallout 2. All content is provided as-is and is free to use. Many awesome people have helped contribute to this endeavor over the years, and I have freely shared assets with many more. Here it is, shared with the community.

Permissions and credits
A yet-unnamed, and never to be finished by me DLC-sized (in ambition only) add-on for Fallout: New Vegas

All content is provided as-is. 

Think of this as more of a Modder's Resource than something playable, although it is very fun to explore all of the locations, if one desires. You will have to open the console and use a coc command to get anywhere, first. Some location names are thus:

San Francisco Wasteland/Bay Wasteland
  • SanFranBridgeCenter
  • SanFranCoitTower
  • SanFranWharfSouth
  • SanFranWharfNorth
  • SanFranPier39

  • SanFranYerbaBuenaIslandTunnel
  • SanFranGasStation
  • SanFranMaritimePark

Chinatown/Shi Town
  • SanFranChinatownBART
  • SanFranChinatownBoSExterior
  • SanFranChinatownSteelPalaceCourt
Steel Palace
  • SanFranSteelPalaceLvl1Entry
  • SanFranSteelPalaceThroneRoom
  • SanFranSteelPalaceLvl1Labs
  • SanFranSteelPalaceLvl1Res
  • SanFranSteelPalaceBioAgro

SanFranYerbaBuenaIslandTunnel is supposed to be the first cell the player would see upon arrival in the new worldspace.

Please read the design document as per the optional file to find out more. A lot of thought, effort and work has gone into making this over past years but life, uh, finds a way.

I must give immense thanks and credit to the following people who have helped; and if you know you worked on this and I haven't credited you than I apologize for my mental decline over the years and I will add your name to the list if you message me:

AnaCostia Crossing