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A small but explorable worldspace set in a canyon somewhere beyond the Mojave wasteland. Great for gecko hunting and finding a few odd things. Player home included.

Permissions and credits
Dry Canyon

Version History
  • 06/03/2013 - 1.0 Initial release.*

*A fix for the terrain has now been released.

The Basics
  • Adds a new worldspace for the player to explore set in a heavily visual environment. (See screens.)
  • Adds a new player home to be discovered somewhere in the new worldspace.
  • Allows seamless travel between the Mojave wasteland and the new worldspace.
  • Includes many new, original assets.

Some Background
'Dry Canyon' is based off of a region of the Grand Canyon, located somewhere along the western portion of the Colorado river. The location may also bear resemblance, if one can imagine, to a location from a certain classic game were it ever to be remade using more recent technology. Fans may recognize familiar images carved into the rock and other symbols associated with a tribe from the pacific Northwest. Future plans may very well be to further develop this location for the purposes of adapting this tribe and its story.

How to get there
There is a cave in the South-facing rock-face located almost directly North from The Devil's Throat. (The Devil's Throat itself is located NE from Ranger Station Bravo.) To travel to the new worldspace, simply walk into it. You will be given a prompt.

See images for the location on your pipboy screen.

Mods which affect this location may result in conflicts but there are none that I am currently aware of. Of course, report any if you find any.

Possible conflicts may arise from using texture replacers, specifically if there are any textures which replace


This texture was unused in the original BSA for New Vegas, as far as I know. It is a rock texture which appears to be highly stratified, or laminar and this is important for how the environment is put together.

If you are an ENB user, I'd love to see what the place can look like. Please upload your screens! That goes for everyone.

If you're curious about how I created the heightmap for this location you can read my tutorial, here:

Credits and Permissions
I reaffirm and agree to any claims which Bethesda Softworks, Obsidian and any others hold to their technology and the game.

You are free to use and modify any assets that you find in this download, on these conditions:
1) First notify me of your intention to do so and
2) give credit to me as the author.

Happy Gecko hunting!