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This mod patches Zion Trail to work properly with More Mojave, AWOP Revised, Headhunting.

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After many hours of editing and painfully rebuilding the terrain: As mentioned, with this mod you won't or at least shouldn't get any more landscape conflicts or clashing issues when using the abovementioned mods when using them with Zion Trail. This patch also patches the other mods to work together properly though, so it's not only fixing Zion Trail issues.

Also added a patch for people who use FPGE. It just moves the ending trigger to the new More Mojave Outpost.

Installation: Just use MO2 to install the mod or drag the esp in the Data folder of your game.
Deinstallation: Revert your action.

Bethesda & Obsidian - For Fallout!
Scott Clam - For helping me clean the master files, therefore reducing the requirements because I'm new to the GECK.
friendlynonmurderingresort - for the great Headhunting patch that kinda inspired me to patch the rest. Also for the Zion Trail Enhanced!
Kazopert, the great - For FPGE

Have fun!

If you like this mod, please consider endorsing it. And check out my other mods if you like!

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