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Overhaul of xax34hah's RAD mod. Rewrote the entire UI portion, major changes to the script including rebalancing, bugfixes and compatibility patches..

Permissions and credits
This mod is a complete overhaul and replacement of Radiation (is) Actually Dangerous. It includes patches for many other UI mods and fixes the gameplay and visual bugs and of the original mod as well as bringing the manner and application of the AP debuffs in line with Fallout 4's Survival mode.

This mod will cause radiation to damage your health until it is removed and provides a UI element to show this, like in Fallout 4. 
Every 10 rads reduces your maximum health by 1%. With hardcore mode enabled, your primary needs will reduce your AP as well. For each level of dehydration, starvation or sleep deprivation an AP reduction is applied, scaling with severity. The weight of dehydration debuffs is double that of sleep and starvation. If all needs are critical, the debuffs add up to 100%. The mod should account for all permanent and temporary changes to max HP and AP.

The default debuffs for radiation sickness, dehydration, sleep deprivation and starvation still apply. 

Supported Mods
*Not all these mods work in combination with each other. 

Warning: While in my testing I was able to enable and disable the mod as well as all of its options many, many times without causing any issues with my save file, I do not guarantee that this will be safe with YOUR save. We all have different mod loadouts and they may interact differently with each other. Do your due diligence and put down a hard save to revert back to before you apply the mod just in case something goes awry.  At this point I have flipped this off and on and tested the settings so much, I can say with certainty it will have no effect on your save.

1. Install the following prerequisites:

  • NVSE
  • JIP LN NVSE Plugin
  • UIO
  • MCM

2. Install RAD overhaul via mod manager or manually. Installing the original RAD mod is not necessary. This is a stand-alone version. 
3. Adjust MCM Options. See below for more info. 

Load order tip: I would keep this mod above any item that affects the consumption of AP, such as B42's Melee Bash or Just Vanilla Sprint. This seems to help prevent blank ticks for some reason.

MCM Options:
Enables AP debuffs based on your sleep deprivation, hunger and thirst.
The first debuff begins at 200 need level, and increases every subsequent addition of 200 after. Ie, debuffs apply at 200, 400, 600 and 800. At 1000, the game kills you.

-JSawyer Increments
Changes increment values to match JSawyer's mod. Requires Hardcore to be on. 
The first debuff begins at 400 need level, and increases every subsequent addition of 150 after. Ie, debuffs apply at 400, 550, 700 and 850. At 1000, the game kills you.

Causes AP debuffs to be the same size for every level of deprivation. For sleep and hunger, this is 6.25% per level and 12.5% per level for thirst. Without this enabled, the first and second level of thirst is 6.25%, 12.5% for the third level and 25% for the forth with sleep and hunger levels being half that.

Causes AP debuffs to be based on the exact current value of your needs rather than your current deprivation level. They lower your AP bar's max value in a 2:1:1, Thirst:Sleep:Hunger ratio. So for example. if you had a thirst level of 100 (out of a max 1000), it would remove 5% of your AP bar even though no dehydration debuffs have been applied by the base game yet. Not recommended, legacy feature. Requires Hardcore to be on.

Alignment fixes and fade support for CellHUD

-HUD Like Fallout 4
Alignment fixes and fade support for HUD Like Fallout 4

-Fade Effect
Adds a fade out effect to the debuff meters when using CellHUD or HUD Like Fallout 4. Not compatible with vanilla style HUDs or HUD Editor.

Known Issues:
-The script set to adjust your max HP and AP is programmed to run once every .1 seconds. This can result in seeing your HP or AP (mostly AP) tick up slightly only to go back down due to the small delay.
-For specific values, a blank tick may show. This is a tick where there is not enough HP/AP to fill it, but also not enough debuff to diminish it.
-Temporary changes to your max HP and AP aren't accurately reflected on your Pip-Boy or HUD. This is an issue with the base game and not the RAD mod. Your actual max HP or AP is higher but the game won't reflect that change on your listed caps, leading to situations where you can have 185 out of 155 health. This is noticeable with buffout, for example.
-The effect doesn't draw on the VATS screen. If someone has a suggestion on this one, let me know.

Special thanks to all of who's work this mod is based on: xax34hah, BrainBoxLtd, Demorome, IntenseMute