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A collection of smaller TTW-focused mods that are or were part of the Wasteland Survival Guide for TTW.

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A collection of simple tweaks and mods for TTW that are or were part of the Wasteland Survival Guide for Tale of Two Wastelands.

All the files are individual mods, designed to work with the latest (3.3.2, as of this upload) version of TTW and the WSG.

Most of them are extremely simple, so shouldn't require any further patching or maintenance for this version of TTW. If these files need any updates in the future, please report it.

  • TTW AWOP4FO3 Terminal Remover - removes the startup terminal for TTW A World of Pain for Fallout 3 for reasons of immersion or temptation.
  • Callen's Hardcore Fix - plugin version of the hardcore perk per level fix, since the scriptrunner is not working for some people.
  • TTW Essential Caravan Merchants - esp-less, sets the Canterbury Commons caravan merchants to essential.
  • Functional Post Game Ending - Uncut Wasteland And Extra Collection Patch.
  • TTW Hardcore Perk Every Level - esp-less, gives perk every level when in Hardcore mode - non-Hardcore mode TTW is already perk every level.
  • Mobile Truck Base Community Preview Edition for TTW 3.3 - the truck is located in the Scrapyard (near Dogmeat) in the Capital Wastes, key nearby - if you are also using (Benny Humbles You) and Steals Your Stuff (recommended), I strongly also recommend Benny Steals Your Truck for the best possible Mojave start after finishing DC. If you are looking to restore item sorting and item display to MTB, MissingMeshTV has created an add-on for this version of MTB to restore that functionality here.
  • WSG's version of Uncut Wasteland And Extra Collection.
  • Wild Wasteland Prompt - gives free version of the Wild Wasteland trait via a popup prompt. Might be considered more "immersive" than Stewie's Tweak.
  • Patch between SawyerBatty TTW and the Uncut Wasteland version posted here.
  • Patch for Dynamic Weapon Displays and MMTV Sink Redux

Support for files in the "Old" section will be limited. You can find more support for TTW in general by joining the Tale of Two Wastelands discord server.
You can generally avoid the need for support by following either the The Best of Times or for more mods, the Wasteland Survival Guide.

The WSG contributors for the guide and some of these patches.
Cloudisms for the banner and images.
tdx73, Eddoursul and pintocat for the original Mobile Truck Base. They cannot provide support, links are provided as a courtesy.
Check out my texture guide for TTW.