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*Mosin Nagant for Fallout:New Vegas v0.5*
User Schreiter tweaked the mesh (bolt knob and bolt position) and kindly send the files to me so I can share them with you. Kudos to him. (you can download them as a separate file)

REMEMBER you use this mod on your own risk, I will not be responsible to any damage to your computer, game, yourself etc.
Also models included in this mod are rather high-poly, so you might notice some performance drop on slower machines.

Mosin Nagant (View in 3D)

This mod adds Mosin Nagant into the game. As always you can buy it from GunRunners. What you buy is a simple rifle, you must buy the scope as a mod. Also, I do not like it, but some of you might want it, so I included suppressor and high-power modern day 1p59 scope as another two mods. BEAWERE that when you apply 1p59 mod on the rifle it always stays on it, by that I mean that if you have 1p59 on rifle and then apply "normal" scope on it, nothing happens (the 1p59 stays). It is just the way it is (game was not made for 2 scopes).

One note. This is the retex of older weapon (not released), I am not very fond of it, and I had to make few modifications to it, so it looks nice in game, so it is not historically accurate. As I explained earlier on the forum, I had to modify the bolt so it suits the ingame animation, and I was not able to modify the animation properly (the firing animation was alright but it was randomly switching between vanila and modified version). If you want, I can post the modified animation, it works in 70% cases.

You can find render of the old version here: http://eprdox.cholerik.cz/images/portfolio/zbrane/Wall_Mosin_Nagant_Rend_1920.pngl.jpg
I like to think that I keep getting better :D, but the decision is up to you. As always if you have any feedback, or just want to say hello, leave comment on the forum;)

Just extract the archive into the game folder.

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