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scottmack - Camon

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German and Japanese WW2 rifles

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Good god for the last time, the rifles have magazines to work with the animations YES I am aware they use stripper clips in real life but there arent any animations to support that in this game. Thats why these weapons havent really been made before, if the clips are that much of an issue for you then dont download this mod.


V3.2 Adds collision meshes, WMM compatibility and Camon's texture replacers Courtesy of Camon! Also adds a smalled Type 99 Carbine.

So I've seen a few people asking about for a K98 rifle and figured well, if people want it then why the hell not. Somebody mentioned a Type 99 Rifle once upon a time too so here's on of them an all'.

German Karabiner 98k - German WW2 Bolt action rifle
Type 99 (Arisaka) - Japanese WW2 Bolt action rifle

Both rifles can be equipped with a scope if you choose to and both are in respawning containers in Goodsprings schoolhouse. Custom sounds included.

Credits -

scottmack - wrestling with giant polar bears in the antartic so you could enjoy this mod, oh and the guns.
Camon - Retex of the Type 99 and K98k, T99 Carbine as well as fixes within the ESP. file.
Sparky - K98k Sound
Dragbody - Fixing the Type 99 Tex