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Need a shooting range with live, infinitely respawning targets and with an infinite supply of weapons and ammo, both vanilla and modded? Look no further.

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== Shooting Range For Weapon Testing ==
by ZuTheSkunk

Are you making a new weapon, but don't have any suitable targets to test it on? Or are you perhaps looking for a quick and simple way to test all the vanilla weapons? Either way, this mod has you covered.

What this mod does is adding a new shooting range, exclusively for testing purposes. It's full of docile and mostly stationary live targets that you are able to resurrect at any moment with a single button press; kill everyone in the room, then press Enter (or D-Pad Down if you use a gamepad) and they will all come back to life instantly. There's even options to change their armor and amount of HP at any time via a terminal.

The shooting range is also equipped with containers that have all weapons, weapon mods and ammo that your game currently contains (even from other mods!), with an option to instantly restock them all. The previously mentioned terminal has several other useful options, like maxing out your stats or disabling level ups from XP gains. Various crafting workstations are included, too.

The entrance to the shooting range can be found behind Doc Mitchell's house, in the form of a super mutant dummy. In addition to that, as soon as the mod is installed (and you aren't currently in the process of creating your character), you will receive a prompt asking if you want to receive an item that can teleport you there instantly.

Have fun.

== Requirements ==

- JIP LN NVSE Plugin (version 52.30 or higher).

== Known Issues ==

- The location may be performance-intensive for lower-tier computers. Some options that may help with this issue are available at the terminal.

- The "Revive All" option may potentially cause a crash or freeze; if this happens, then you should make sure to have NVAC and Stutter Remover installed (though be careful with the latter if you're on Windows 10). If that doesn't help, then the best I can suggest is to not use this option and just settle for pressing Enter or D-Pad Down.

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