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A compilation of various random assets, mostly clutter.

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This is a compilation of various assets I made for my mods. Stuff contained within this pack includes:

- Balloons
- Bathtub plug
- Burger
- Champagne bottle (clean & dirty)
- Claw hammer (clean & dirty)
- Clean globe
- Coffee pot (clean & dirty)
- Colander (clutter & a hat)
- Condom packet
- Cupcake with candle
- Dishwashing liquid bottle (clean & dirty)
- Fancy food tray (clean & dirty)
- Glasses with cutlery in them
- Ketchup bottle (clean & dirty)
- Kitchen counter with sink
- Kitchen sponge
- Knife holder
- Microwave (clean & dirty)
- Napkin
- Pizza (whole & single slice)
- Plate pile
- Radiators (clean & dirty, wide & thin)
- Salt and pepper shakers
- Single bed
- Soap & soap holder
- Soda bottles (clean & dirty; just a random drink I felt like making, originally as an easter egg)
- Sugar container (clean & dirty)
- Trash bin (clean & dirty)
- Typewriter with paper in it
- TV table
- Undamaged Chryslus cars (new model as a workaround for how the clean version is not included in NV)
- Wall-mounted bookshelf
- Window blinds
- Wine glass (filled & empty)
- A number of vanilla models that were made less blocky, so that the round parts are actually round
- A number of vanilla miscellaneous items turned into weapons
- Icons for items and messages
- And more.

Use as you see fit. Just please make sure to credit me.


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