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ZuTheSkunk and Hopper31

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Allows you to close almost any menu with the press of a single key. Requires NVSE.

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"Press X To Close Menu" Hotkey (1.02)


This mod allows you to close almost every menu (except dialogues, VATS, level ups and scripted messages) with the press of a single key. This includes:

- Barter
- Repair
- Lockpicking
- Containers
- Terminals
- Minigames
- Crafting
- Companion wheel
- Sleep/wait

By default, the key is X. If you have the Mod Configuration Menu, you can configure the hotkey for yourself.

Requires NVSE in order to run. Does NOT support controllers at the moment.


Version History:

* 1.02: Prevented the containers from playing the closing sound twice if you set the hotkey to Space. Also found a way to avoid compatibility issues with my other mod if you set the hotkey to E.
* 1.01: Made sure that if you change the hotkey to something like E, this will NOT result in the menus being instantly closed after being opened.
* 1.00: Initial release.


ZuTheSkunk: Concept, testing, some of the scripting
Hopper31: MCM scripting


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