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Replaces the model of the Alien Blaster with one based on the version found in Fallout 1. (Non-replacer version also available.)

Permissions and credits
by ZuTheSkunk

(See the FO3 version here.)

This mod replaces the model of the Alien Blaster with a brand new one, based on the original Alien Blaster from Fallout 1. Includes a Reloading Bench recipe for recycling its ammunition. (There's also a non-replacer version, which adds it as a separate weapon.)

To be specific, the design of the Alien Blaster is based on the one created by the Molten Clouds team. It was recreated by me from scratch, following the reports of the original model being either lost, or the person who has it being impossible to get in contact with.

I'm not an expert in modelling or texturing, so the new model could be better, but I tried my best.

NOTE: The blaster is supposed to emit red projectiles and red particle effects. If for some reason they aren't red, then please make sure that you installed everything correctly, and if you did, then please let me know about the issue.


Simply put all the files in the Data folder where the game is installed, and then make sure to checkmark the mod in the Data Files section of the game's launcher.

To uninstall, simply delete the files.


- Any mod that modifies the Alien Blaster (if you use the replacer version).
- Any mod that uses AddOnNodes with index numbers 19901 and 19902. (Highly unlikely to happen, but...)
- It may also not work well with mods that change the reloading animations, due to the ammo container having shorter length.


Mod, meshes and textures: ZuTheSkunk
Original Alien Blaster design: Molten Clouds team


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