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Distributed the amazing NCR armours made by Dragbody to the trooper and ranger leveled lists.

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First things first, as some people are incapable of scrolling down.


Basically, long story short, in a nut shell, to make it quick, all I'm trying to say is that this mod will distribute the fantastic armours made by Dragbody for his NCR Trooper overhaul mod.
http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/52721 <-REQUIRED!!!!

I've take all the armours that Drag made and added them (extensively) to new and existing leveled lists. The troopers and rangers are both accommodated for, although I've only altered the leveled list for the Ranger casual armours. This is as Drag has always maintained that he planned for this mod to be used alongside ADAM, as that basically does what I've done here for the trooper combat armours.

I've spent SO much time working and playtesting this mod, much to the chagrin of many of you I'm sure; but sue me, I have a busy schedule in RL and I'm pleased to get this released now. As I said I've tested this pretty extensively, I personally like the balance of armours and their distribution among the NCR.

As mentioned (several times) above I've also included Drags re-imaginings of the ranger casual outfits, I've not done these to the full potential of variety, as this would add an additional 300 armours to the game and increase the file size to something absolutely stupid. (If you're not sure what I'm on about, look at the model for any of the ranger casual outfits, see how they're divided up and then count the amount of texture variations that Drag set up)


When me and Drag were first talking about this mod we both agreed on one factor, that the NCR is supposedly completely over-stretched and under-resourced. This mod has been designed in such a way that you should see troopers in sets of armour that looks much more basic and scraped together now.

Remember how that NCR vet/Arms dealer at the 188 talked about how the "new guys don't even get proper armour anymore."? Well, now you'll actually see this. Come across a NCR patrol and you'll likely find that a few of the troopers no longer have the exact same armour as their officers and commanders... In fact, some of them are lucky to even get armour at all.

You'll notice a lot more variation and life in the NCR now. Troopers have a bigger range of outfits they can use, rangers are more dapper than ever before, I even bullied Drag into making me a special set of 'crucified' armour for the troopers at Nelson.

Seriously though the best way to play this mod is to plug it in and forget it exists. Give me a bit of creative license and you'll enjoy the changes I've made.

ADAM - VT08 - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/43192
- Basically does what this mod does, but for the Ranger combat armours.
DLC Weapon Integration - Hairylegs222 - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/47880
- Does what it says on the tin, I can't play without this now. Makes your game feel a lot more whole.


Well, I suppose I can divulge you all a little bit. For the future I've got a few things that I'd like to include, Drag has given me permission to do so where relevant too... So it'll definitely happen at some stage.
-Add in custom trooper classes. (I did have these in the mod [Sniper, shotgunner and sapper if you're interested] but I kept getting serious issues with the distribution of these troops... It was literally a case of all or nothing, so I've cut them out for now.)
-Add in content from Dragbodys other armour packs (Drag really seems up for this idea, I wont use them all, but there are a few I REALLY want to add into this mod.)
-Add DLC weapons to the NCR trooper weapon lists (This'll be seperate from the main plugin, there's some big weapon mods out there I don't want to interfere with)
-I'm thinking of doing a bit more tweaking on a few of the leveled lists. I seem to get quite a few troopers in conscript armour, more than I had intended there to be. I'd like to hear peoples opinions on this, but I'm thinking of doing a bit of tweaking here.

Dont expect these future plans to be implemented quickly though, I'm leaving the country soon for work. I'll likely be without a solid internet connection for something around 6 months, unless I get shore-leave. Just a FYI.

Do you really need to repeat this???
Drags NCR Trooper Overhaul - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/52721