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Revamps the NCR troopers. Completely functional, but still a WIP. Check back for updates.

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Update 10/10: The Heavy Gunner is now added to the test footlocker along with the new backpack varieties. The footlocker itself is moved outside. To find it, leave the barracks and walk straight ahead to the back of the Headquarters building. The footlocker is in the big pile of stuff there.

The new items will eventually be added to NCR leveled lists for full integration.


Update 10/9: I've done a little more work on the females, but they are harder because their arms move differently. Females keep their arms closer to their bodies and this causes more clipping with attachments. So the female models are a little edited down from the males.

The First Recon armors worn by Boone are also now updated to include the work from my previous mod. More work to come on those armors though.

I'll be testing the Heavy Gunner in-game shortly. If all works well, I'll add him to the test locker and eventually to the leveled lists. Speaking of the test locker, I'll be moving it outside somewhere.

I'm also experimenting with some environment maps on the goggles of the trooper helmet. They look very nice. I'll include the best one in my next update.


Update 10/4: I've done some work on the female models, but they're not totally finished yet. I just ran some tests and things are okay, but still incomplete. Hopefully I can get some work done tonight after I get home from my job. If not, it may be a couple of days before I can provide an update. But don't worry, I'm hard at work whenever possible. Thanks for the endorsements and stay tuned!



This mod overhauls the NCR Troopers. There is still a lot of work to do, but a lot has been completed already. This is just a BETA release for the moment for demo purposes and bug identification, and for those who are impatient (like me). If you want to wait to download for a more complete, finalized work, that's understandable.

A test footlocker with all content from the mod is available in the Mojave Outpost in front of the bar right when you walk into the room with Cass.

Here's what's left to do:

- Texture consolidation. Low-end PCs may experience performance hits from the high-res textures.
- Some female versions.
- Level list editing (to introduce new material)
- MP armors
- New, original stuff!

What's done:

- All classes for males except the MP.
- Some female versions



Drop contents into your NV data folder and activate the esp. Done.



The armors that show skin (ranger short sleeve outfit, heavy gunner, and 1st recon survival gear) use Breeze's male bodies. Nothing bad will happen if you don't have Breeze installed other than the arm textures looking wonky on these outfits. I will provide vanilla and robert's patches in time.


- A.D.A.M. (please download this and stop asking me to redo the patrol rangers! they're already great) http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/43192/?


Permissions: Don't use or modify anything from this yet. When it's done, you can do whatever you want.



EMR - Trooper textures
nivea - scarf texture and leather jacket mesh
WJS - Cubemapping and more
nekronom - Face Wrap model and textures
CaBaL - Salvaged Power Armor
tumba jamba - Base mesh for medic backpack
Jacko0 - MP armband texture
The creators of STALKER - Attachments taken from the Clear Sky armors