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An overhaul of the Rogue Ranger Duster from Spice of Life to match with ADAM's improved textures and add vision modes from Project Nevada and Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision.

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An update to the the Rogue Ranger Duster & Helmet from Spice of Life to bring it up to ADAM's level of detail and features. Built off of the Project Nevada patch for SoL, it includes vision modes from PN and Advanced Recon, as well as new textures and model made by me from ADAM's superior base textures. Now the helmet comes in a broken and repaired version (visually distinct) with non-working and working vision modes, they've also been rebalanced for a better integration with the other ranger armors.

I've had this lying around for a while and figured it was time to release it.

  • New models and textures for a broken and repaired version of the helmet and armor.
  • Neck covers, like the armors in ADAM.
  • Vision modes from PN and Advanced Recon, like the armors in ADAM.
  • Rebalanced stats, and a general PN patch for other helmets as well.


Install with your favorite mod manager (MO is recommended) or extract the archive to your data folder.

Complimentary Mods:

Nivea - Spice of Life.
ghouls0rules - the original Rogue Ranger model.
VT08 - original ADAM texture work, on which this was based.
MonoAccipiter - texture and model work, rebalancing and vision modes.

Same permissions apply as for ADAM Reborn.