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An updated and further developed version New Vegas Landscape Overhaul by Paladin555, fixing a lot of issues and continuing his work on some areas.

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New Vegas Landscape Overhaul by Paladin555 is a great mod that breathes life into the wasteland, but sadly it suffered from several significant issues, including some floating rocks and a lot of deleted navmeshes. Luckily for us, it allows any modification to the original mod as long as the author is credited. Thus, since last spring, I've been continuing development of this mod according to my own vision moving forward, as the original mod has been dead for a while. This includes dropping the minibosses in the original mod, and focusing on landscape alone.

I take suggestions for further improvements or reports on any conflicts I might resolve.

Features (of this version):
  • No more floating rocks. This was the first issue I fixed, with there being some large floating rocks outside of the hotel in Novac for no reason. As of 1.3.1 I've also fixed some rocks outside of Goodsprings.
  • No more deleted navmeshes. I've fixed all the 23 deleted navmeshes from the original mod, and it won't cause CTDs if another mod tries referring to the (previously) deleted navmesh. Shoutout to zilav for putting me on track of AndrealphusVIII's guide for fixing them.
  • Redone navmeshes where NPCs would get stuck (like Boulder City).
  • No more minibosses. I originally downloaded New Vegas Landscape Overhaul for the landscape overhaul its name hinted at, and as such this is the only focus I'll be having when moving forward with this mod.
  • Plenty of other small, logical changes, such as making the NCR ammo boxes in Primm actually owned by the NCR, or making the planks covering the window opening in Jean actually be covering the windows, instead of being inside the concrete. See the changelogs for more details about this.

Recommended Mods: 

Drop the .esp in your data folder or install with your favorite mod manager (MO is highly recommended).

Paladin555 - Original mod.
darkside - Testing and much appreciated feedback.
MonoAccipiter - Continued development from version 1.1 and onwards, fixing tons of navmeshes and other issues still present in the original.