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This makes some small but effective changes to make the Boulder City Showdown quest a bit more like an actual showdown.

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This is kinda half a mod, and half something I imagine might be merged into someone else's mod. I say that because it doesn't do much, but it tweaks the Boulder City Showdown quest a bit to make it a bit more logical, and a bit more challenging. You could probably merge it with one of your own mods if you need to reduce the plugin count.

What I've done first and foremost change the Khans so that they don't attempt to run from combat (seeing as the quest even has dialogue stating they have nowhere to run) since that just made them gun fodder for the NCR troopers. I've also improved the navmesh around the Khans a bit so they're less likely to try pushing themselves through a concrete block. This, combined with a script entry that makes Jessup and the other Khan in their hideout come outside when the fighting starts (unless you attack them in there) should make the fight more even. I've also moved the switchblade from the living Great Khan to McMurphy, and given the living one that 9mm Submachine Gun instead. Less free loot for the player (it didn't make sense that they would just allow you to grab one of their weapons anyways) and one less Great Khan running into rifle fire and dying ridiculously. Finally, I added a single NCR trooper armed with a 10mm Pistol to even things out, he's also been added as a target to the quest objective. I'm not great at doing character faces, but I think he turned out okay. 

This makes the showdown a bit more like a battle, all the while not adding more than a single NPC to your game. I decided against making the lieutenant join the fight, because I wanted it to showcase how the NCR quite often is willing to just throw bodies at an objective. For that reason I also made the new NCR Trooper fairly young.

Install with your favorite mod manager (MO is recommended).

The only conflict I am aware of is with NVInteriors, and it's very minor. That mod adds three Great Khans to the ruins, effectively tipping the power balance I sought to maintain here, but not by very much, seeing as two of them sit inside a building until you go in there. Those NPCs are not marked as targets for the quest, like I did with my new trooper, but that is a problem with that mod, not really a conflict.

I also recommend you use Wrye Flash to make a Bashed Patch if you use an NPC overhaul like FCO or NVR. Otherwise my mod will overwrite their changes to the NPCs appearances.

MonoAccipiter - Making the mod.