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A new and improved look for the Desert Ranger Combat Armor, making it more fit for the desert environment. A beloved revamp for a beloved armor.

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A refreshing, new take on the amazing Desert Ranger Combat Armor, recoloring it to fit the desert environment of Nevada much more than it should have. Requires ADAM.

Multiple parts of the armor have been recolored/retextured for a better desert color palette. The helmet has new high quality textures and the words "parce mihi mater, conatus sum" on the helmet which is Latin for "forgive me mother, I tried."

Another goal with this retexture was to truly show the wear and tear of this armor ever since it was deployed in the Gobi Campaign during the Great War. It was never established by the NCR, therefore experiencing many harsh conditions. Details like the rusted pack on the back of the armor, the scratches and dents in the face mask of the helmet, the grime and blood on the duster and the crack in the visor really bring this idea to life.

Fallout New Vegas
Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts

ADAM - The Definitive Armor Mod/ADAM Reborn (Depending on which version you use)

Any mods that alter the Desert Ranger Combat Armor

Manual: Download and extract the file. Copy and paste the Data folder into your Fallout New Vegas directory. That's it.

NMM: Download the file and activate it in NMM.

You are free to upload updates, fixes or your own version of my mod to the Nexus. Just be sure to credit me and the creator of ADAM - The Definitive Armor Mod and ADAM Reborn. If you are planning to upload my mod on other websites, please contact me before doing so. If you are uploading your own mod and plan to use my assets, I would also like to know about it first.

VT08 for creating ADAM and MonoAccipiter for making it even better with ADAM Reborn

Enjoy the mod!