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The N.V. Interiors Project,
Wasteland Edition v1.5

Have you ever ben exploring the Mojave Waste, thinking to yourself There's just nothing out here to investigate? If So, This mod is for you! As the sister mod to Fallout 3's D.C. Interiors Project, N.V. Interiors promises to bring many of the elements you've come to know and love, into Fallout New Vagas. I also hope to add more depth and, features, as my modding skills progress.

This Installment of N.V. Interiors opens up 24 new explorable buildings and, I'll be continually updating with new, unique interiors.

Wasteland Edition v1.0 locations and, buildings;

Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals,

Abandoned Beach House,
Sunken Beach House,

Bonny Springs,

Abandoned Shack,
Far Go Traders,
Fools Gold Jewelry,
Mojave Express,

Boulder City,

A Cuppa Joe,
Boulder City, NCR, HQ,
Cornucopias Fresh,

Boulder City Ruins,


Cottonwood Cove,

Bing's bait and, Boats,
Cottonwood Cove, Recreation center,
Cove Clinic,
Higher Ground Cafe,
Sammy's shoreside Saloon,
2 sheds,
4, abandoned shacks,

Emergency Rail Station,

Emergency Rail Station,

Nipton Reststop,

Gomer's Gas and Go,


Starvin Marvin's

New in Wasteland edition v1.1

16 explorable Box Cars and, 3 Train Engines near,

Callvile Bay,
Crescent Canyon east,
Gypsum Train Yard,
New Vegas Steel,
Powder Ganger Camp south,
Powder Ganger Camp North,

New in Wasteland edition v1.3

Nellis Control Tower,
Rosie's, Officers Club,
Nellis Robot Repair,
Nellis Crain tower,
Nellis Water purification plant,
The Washing Well,
Nellis PX,
Guard tower,
Nellis Gate Security,
Nellis Fuel Depot,
two Greenhouses,
Three, Boxcars,

Two venders,

Free Form Quest, "Drunken Gnomes", A fun, funny, little fetch quest for the explore, collector. Find all 30 of my custom "Drunken Gnomes" and, Get a prize. (Hint, There not all hidden within my cells, some are out hidden in the world You'll have to look everywhere to find them all.)
New in Wasteland edition v1.4

Grab your Rad-x and a good supply of Rad-away! Your off to explore the nuclear hell of Camp Searchlight!

Searchlight Airport,
Control Tower,


A Cuppa Joe,
B & K Cleaners,
Butcher Pete's Fresh meats,
Sam's Auto Parts,
Cherry Liquor's,
Cornucopia's Fresh Grocer,
Crimson Caravan,
Dusty Trails Travel Agency,
Jessica's Beauty solon,
Kingston's BBQ,
Mojave Express,
NCR Medical Center,
Searchlight Federal Savings,
Searchlight Post office,

4 NCR Barracks,
8 Abandoned houses,

New in Wasteland edition v1.4.2

Fills in the six boxcars around the Followers outpost. I thought I had done them at one point but, I didn't!

Remember to check out NVInteriors Urban Edition,

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