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About this mod

This is Novac players motel room full extension and redesign.

UPDATED to 1.47

Permissions and credits
Before installing this mod, please carefully read all red text!

This modification include a significant changes in Novak Motel players room. Size of the room is increased twice (using nextdoor room ^^). Goal of this modification is to achieve a small hideout for player with all the necessary (crafting tools, a lot of containers, merchant and repair) in fancy Pre-War design.


In this homeplace you will find:

  • All crafting tools (campfire, crafting bench and loading bench)
  • All light switch controlling
  • Bedroom mirror used as a barber menu
  • Terminal for buy / sell / repair
  • Automated shelves for food, alcohol, magazines and snow globes
  • Working shower, TV, Jukebox with custom music and vending machine
  • And other small stuff

1.47 version

  • Minor tweaks: Now you can switch kitchen Fridge design (Common/Nuka-Cola) and enable/disable the fish tank in home terminal.
  • Minor bugs fixes

Probably, I found the crash problem, I hope I't help you guys. Also I hope no to break anything.
1.46 version

(Sorry, it was so long time ago, I can't remember all changes well. So I'll describe some general)

This version has some container changes, so, if you doesn't want to lose your items, please read this:
Container changes that has been made:
  • Removed small night table in hall (near the reading chair), all items from this con automatically moved to the next one with car model on it.
  • Replaced armory lockers. All items are automatically moved in crates inside new lockers.
  • Replaced bath locker, all items are automatically  moved to the new baskets.
  • ATTENTION Permanently removed 2 containers in kitchen, one above the sink, second on the counter corner, please grab your item before installing this version.
If you not willing to lose any item, there is always preferable to grab all your items before updating the house mod. Author of this mod is not responsible for any lost items. Use it on your own risk.


Added functional food shelves (the same as alcohol, just store your food in fridge).
Removed two containers under the sink and on the counter corner (please read red text).
Added animated ambry doors, under new kitchen table.
Changed the Sunset Sarsaparilla machine behavior (you will see).
Added light switch to the kitchen lighting.
Added a functional Waffle-Iron with new food recipe.

Design overall changes (new textures, ceiling and so on).
New containers instead of ugly locker (please read red text).
Removed trash bin, and placed instead a laundry basket.
Added smooth toilet paper, as also a toilet little functional joke =)
Added the bath towel (female model only) that would be automatically equipped after taking a shower.
Added function (honestly only sound effect) to the hand dryer.

Replaced ceiling lights with more static version.
Added extra lightning.
Replaced locker, now they are open-able. Each contains extra containers for your gear (please read red text).

Added a fish tank in room hall (please read red text).
Added some decor to the hall ceiling.
Replaced door texture with leather version.
Added light switching to the all picture frames.

Improved snow globes script, no need to store it in Lucky anymore. Stored globes automatically grant you the same reward and are stored in Lucky 38 on shelf activation.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed all localization bugs (I hope that ^.^)
Replaced all havok bugged objects with static version (such an activators, snow globes, armory lamps etc)
Fixed first person bug with bath shower.
Replaced non-snowable globes (in default game some snow globes doesn't have the snow at all) with snow-effect.
Some other stuff that I don't remember.

Know problems:
Bugged sound effect in Jukebox after music list end in shuffle mode.

If You are looking for missing bed, just check the home terminal. There are two switchable bedrooms layouts!


Last version of Fallout NV
All large DLC Lonesome Road, Dead Money, Old World Blues, Honest Hearts, Gun Runners


Place or files from .rar to the Fallout New Vegas data folder.
Do not forget turn on Archive Invalidation and check-box in launcher.
All previous default containers are deleted, so, before Installing mod, be sure to grab all yours items.


Remove NVNovacApartament.esp NVNovacApartament.bsa from data folder.
Do not forget take your stuff before!


Big thanks to guys:

lordinquisitor for coffee maker model, so detailed and testy, Thank You,
Hengebobs for bathtub with shower, it's so pleasure to have some warm shower at the end of the day, Thank You,
mrbarista for clean toilet model, finally we have a cute place to relax, Thank You,
SpeedyB64 for neon sign, that adds a special spirits of 50s, Thank You,
Malo for awesome fish tank, may be unlore a little bit, but it's fit there perfectly, Thank You,
chucksteel for animated locker, it's definitely shake up the armory room, Thank You,
Jokerine for some cool clutter stuff from his coolest mod, Boom to the Moon, I hope you don't mind ^.^, Thank You,
Backsteppo for hot bath towel, personal thanks from my character, Thank You,
And some guy, who has made an animated light switch, sorry I don't know your name, Thank You!

I don't know the author of light switch model, thanks to you too, as also thank you all authors and sites with
free resources (models, textures and art)!

(I was trying to contact with Becksteppo about permission to use his models, but seems he left a comunity for a some time ago.
So if I somehow broke the rules in this and any other cases, please do not ban this mod, just let me know about any restrictions
and I will remove it, Thank You for understanding)

Special thanks to comrade Okyo, for his washing machine, and Kate Niemczyk for her awesome pin-up art.
Also Big Thanks to Claws1234 for helping translate 1.46 version, if not him, probably I would not submit it at all!
Cherished memories to Gil Elvgren (the best Pin-uper) and all music artists.

Thank you to Bethesda and Obsidian for wonderful game.
And special thanks to NexusMods site.

Last, but not least important THANKS to my lovely wife for her support and patience. Thank You!

Full Music List:
*  *  *
Andrew Sisters - Rom And Coca Cola
Elvis Presley
- Blue Suede Shoes
Fats Domino
- There Goes My Heart Again
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Hank Williams - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive
Joe Liggins - Goin' Back to New Orleans
Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - Don't Think Twice It's All Right
Louis Prima - Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)
Teresa Brewer - Music Music Music
Tex Williams - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette!


All music and art is from Internet Archive and is free to use.