Fallout New Vegas
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Primm Reborn is a complete overhaul of the settlement. The convicts are entrenched, the NCR struggling ... residents of the town are locked away in hiding. Battle on rooftops, behind barriers of rusted metal and rubber ... climaxing in a showdown with the leader of this ragtag band of Powder Gangers on the roof of the Vikki & Vance Casino.

Permissions and credits
- I highly recommend that you install the texture mods I list in the sections below. Vanilla textures will not look as the pictures represent and will also show more landscape/structure imperfections (many which are present in the vanilla game).

- I have rebuilt the mod from the ground-up, keeping with the desire to maintain the Fallout-Lore of a town not destroyed by nuclear fire; but by the progression of time. Primm has been redesigned to be a stark change from the frontier feeling of Goodsprings.

- This is an immersion mod, not intending to detract from the core lore of the game. I just found many of the stops early in the game were extremely bland and needed some visual attention.
- In designing this mod, I work around the most popular/imaginative mods so they easily snap together. Future changes/mods will reflect this.

- This mod is final unless any fixes become required.
- Primm Reborn is 100% safe for heavily modified games and will not/should not conflict. Also is fine for existing saved games, but this is really made for new games if the save is already beyond Primm's rescue. Enjoy!
- PLEASE endorse if you find this mod stable and a favorable change over vanilla Primm. This is my first mod, so willing to learn from suggestions.

- Goodsprings Reborn - A nice overlay that is made to work WITH popular mods that have some changes in GS. No need for load order bloating patches.
- Novac Reborn - See Novac revitalized into a developing farm and trading community, while remaining Lore friendly.

- At first arrival, players will find Primm under siege by a branch of the escaped Powder Gangers; who have taken it upon themselves to barricade the town and secure it from the scarcely-manned NCR camp across the freeway. This is a large group, able to force the NCR into keeping to their side- so expect resistance.

- New Interiors, from a local pub to the run-down gas station have been added.
- Fight from the Rooftops. Watch the dynamite fly as you snipe down upon your enemies!
- More Convicts hide in the shadows, keeping an eye out for invaders onto their new turf.
- Added some beds in logical locations for player use, as well as cooking fires.
- Do battle against the leader of the Convicts in a fight above the streets of Primm.
- One custom weapon, built simply into the existing game Lore. A solid starter addition for new characters; not overpowered for the level.
- NCR side has had only modest changes, leaving the bulk stock as to not affect immersion.
- Few extra NPCs for additional variety/immersion.

- Note that using IWS and/or Endless Warfare will increase the challenge of this mod when facing the convicts. Enjoy.

COMPATIBILITY: (also recommended)
- I designed this mod to be fully compatible with the following mods.
ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland
A World of Pain
Bison Steve Casino
Tales from the Burning Sands
Speed-E Wheels Travel System
XRE - Flyable Vertibird

Project Nevada

GRAPHIC/ENVIRONMENT MODS: - Those I use and what you see in the screenshots.
One HUD by Gopher
DYNAVISION 3 - Total Visual Enhancement
Nevada Skies URWL
NMC Texture Pack
Poco Bueno Texture Pack
The Imaginator

- I have worked hard to make sure the following mods with all their additions/changes are not affected in any way by Primm Reborn. So utilizing them should be just fine. I suggest you use one of these anyhow, NVEC is my choice; but MM is a fantastic mod as well. I just do not suggest using both.
New Vegas Enhanced Content
Mission Mojave

Sunny Smiles

- Any mod that heavily alters Primm.

- Using MO, NMM or FOMM simply add and click install. This is a single .ESP file.
- Manual installation, simply drop the .ESP file into your game's DATA directory.
- Load Order. Place low in your Load Order, typically just before patches and batch files.

- luigiN64 for his work on an old version of Primm and his blessings to redo it into something great. Link to luigiN64's Primm Restored.
- Bethesda Softworks for developing a game platform with amazing customization, thus allowing for a stellar modding community.
- My wife for her encouragement to create this mod ... and my son for not pressing the reset on my PC when I wasn't looking.

- Download and Enjoy. Please do not post on any other modding website, this is a Nexus exclusive. Always will be FREE.